Thursday, 25 May 2017

8th Edition and Horus Heresy - Thoughts with Winters SEO

Hey all!

I played a game with a Winters SEO today and we sat down to chat about how we think 8th edition will work with the Horus Heresy/30k.

Check it out :)

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hobby Space Bomb Site and Deathwing Land Raider - What a Difference a Day Makes

Hey ho,

Last night was one of those days when I looked at my desk and thought... I think I might be addicted... And I should really tidy this up! On my desk alone, we have Belisarius Cawl, 12 Imperial Militia, a mid-conversion Militia walkin Proteus, the Yncarne, a Culexus Assassin, a Wraithblade, Mortarion the Reaper and two Land Raiders!!

Yaaaaaay! Happy hobby space all round... But I will be tidying this up come the weekend I think! Saturday is going to be given over to tidying both the desk and also a few miniatures that are going to Warhammer Fest with me that just don't cut the mustard quite yet. The Yncarne's hair being one of those. Here's a few other snaps:

And in other news, you can see in the pictures above the progress I made last night on the second Deathwing Land Raider. Here's the last side by side picture I showed you:

And here is the side by side after an evening of work:

Obviously the lighting isn't as good! But I'm pleased with how far that came. All the highlights are needed now! Then I can work on the peripherals, once this beast is done, I just need to finish the bases off for the Deathwing termies and then you'll get a shot of the whole force :)

Peace out,


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

8th Edition Release Date and Starter Box Revealed!

Hey gang,

The Dark Imperium!!! Pre-orders are in June 3rd and the release is June 17th! This looks fantastic! Even if you don't like the Primaris marines in the fluff or in looks, everyone can get behind how beautiful those death guard are! For the price point that GW usually puts starter sets this looks to be great value for money, with a hard back rulebook as well!

I am very much in the mind for getting this and converting the shit out of those Primaris marines!! 

Additionally they have confirmed the Index books that will update all of the codices until each faction has an individual book released:

This is EXACTLY what they needed to do for the release of 8th and they are knocking it out of the park. 

AND they have also released info for updated Forgeworld books, starting with Chaos and Imperium.

Colour me excited :)

Peace out,


Monday, 22 May 2017

Slowly Slowy - Do the Belisarius Crawl!!

Good morrow!

Another minor update! This guy has really been sucking the life out of me I must say. It doesn't help that I realised I don't have any plasticard left so I couldn't make hay while the sun shines on his base, I had to settle for just gluing the grilled section down. I won't be adding to much to his base as there simply isn't that much damn room (go on a diet Bellysarius). 

But the glow was pop colours were the final big hurdle anyway so I was pleased to get them done on this cranky old bugger. He's nearly ready to receive his true mantle of Anacharis Scoria and go and break games and primarchs over his knee. 

On a side note, I am hoping with the advent of 8th edition and Forge World converting over to 8th that they will take the time to re-balance Scoria to a more palatable version for playing with. There a good few other things that I think need poking with 30k and 8th but that is a post for another time my friends. 

Peace out,


Sunday, 21 May 2017

30k Imperial Militia - Progress!!

Hey gang,

Today I have a little update on my Imperial Militia force. I'm trying to really crack on and get these finished ASAP. Partly because they have been lying around for aaaages and partly because I really like the overall theme and I just want to play with them!! 

As I've said before I'm very much rush painting these gals but part of that is making them look rough and ready where possible! Helps hide all the glaring mess and short cuts I've been taking :P! I've now painted 15 sniper scouts, a 10 man squad, 2 vehicles and 3 squads of 2 laser rapier destroyer arrays. All of these are third party made or converted from third party miniatures, so you'll have to excuse license I've taken with size and design...

Here's just a quick look at three of the infantry, with the sergeant in the middle:

And here are three of the converted Laser Destroyer arrays:

I still have a regular 10 man squad to paint, the Force commander and a 9 man command squad, plus 2 crew members for each Destroyer array - another 12. So that gives me 32 infantry to paint and 1 more walking tank to convert and paint. 

That will be everything I own for this army painted... BUT I have recently received a back dated pay rise which will come through this month so I will be buying the rest of the force very soon! Which will involve 9 sentinels from an old plastic game (oooh mystery) aaaaand a giant walking tank to count as a Baneblade.... Oh yes. 

Hopefully you are finding the variety in miniatures a little interesting if not the quality of the paint job!

Peace out,


Friday, 19 May 2017

Deathwing Land Raiders - Something Old & Something New....

Hey all,

Just wanted to show you the difference between a finished Deathwing Land Raider and one that is just undercoated! Nothing too exciting, but it pleased me to look at how far a model comes :)

Peace out,


Thursday, 18 May 2017

Belisarius Cawl - 75% Done!

Hey diddly ho,

More work on Belisarius Cawl!! Getting there... slowly getting there with this monstrosity of a model. By and large all the major components are done, the main stages left are to add colour where power is flowing through the model, this will mostly be in the shape of blue OSL to match the rest of the mechanicum, but I may throw an odd bit of green in there as well for a servo skulls eyes or such. 

Secondary to that is making and painting the base to completion! Then I can glue the whole thing together and be done with it. 

I've very much gone for a tired and knackered look to the whole model, nothing to clean about it, generally in keeping with the rest of my mechanicum and my painting style in general. This model has lent itself to that style well I think. I'm actually weirdly proud of the skulls colour on this model, just quite pleased with how the white turned out!

Looking forward to getting a splash of complimenting colour on it though, that should really make it "pop". 

Peace out,