Friday 30 November 2018

A Gentleman's Disagreement - Golden Demon Finalist - Duel Category

Hey hey hey,

I spent a few evenings over a fortnight working on a little Duel diorama to enter into a Golden Demon at Warhammer World this month. You can see the stages of genesis below as well as the finished piece. 

I really enjoyed building this little world and giving it character and unspoken story, it really kind of sang to my creative side in a way I didn't expect. Joyfully it also garnered me a second Golden Demon Finalist Pin (Pictured at the end). 

Quite disappointingly however, Magnus the Red got dismissed to the bottom shelf dramatically early on in the judging. This wouldn't bother me such had it not been for spending about 10x the hours on Magnus than I did on this Duel!! The standard was, as always, pretty mind blowing, so after some sulking and reflection I am still very happy to come away with a finalist pin and be sitting at 2 finalist pins out of 2 Golden Demons. 

Going forward I think I will be concentrating on Duels and Dioramas now though, from both an enjoyment perspective and that I think I stand a marginally better chance of placing in those categories. 

Anyway, pictures!

Oh, I'm also Dr Rob Hill now!!! I've finally finished my PhD, I just have to actually attend my graduation, but all the paperwork is in now and I can join the esteemed company of Mike and Marc with their big noggins!

As always, if you've stopped by to have a nose I am very grateful and I'm always hoping to become more regular at blogging. It is amazing how quickly you can slip out of it. 

Peace out,



  1. Brilliant stuff and well placed mate! Love the little touches, the OSL from the ‘log’ burner, the posters and the bottles. Love it.

    1. And Congrats Dr Hill. Kind Regards, Lt Cdr Siph RN PGDip BSc(Hons) CatA(Survey) MCGI if we are being formal haha

  2. Congratulations on placing as a finalist! That's big stuff. The diorama is breathtaking! Very cool scene with lots of interesting details throughout.

  3. Congratulations!! That is such a fun diorama, I can almost smell the beer stains. Don't stress too much about Magnus, he may not have ranked against the competitors on the day but he is still an utterly stunning piece of work.

  4. Excellent work, Dr. Hill! I think it's as much the subject matter and format as anything, but I actually like this a lot better than Magnus. I keep going back and looking at it again and seeing new details.

  5. What a great diorama, lots of lovely details to enjoy here, and congratulations on the PhD too!

  6. That is absolutely spectacular! Excellent composition, coloring and mood - Great work, and a well deserved pin!

    Congrats on the doctor-hood as well!

  7. excellent work as always my friend, and congrats on the Dr thing - now go out there and save some lives (hang on a minute, what do you mean "not that kind of doctor", well in that case...) ;)

  8. Only just seen this Rob, congrats on both fronts, well deserved. I'll need to have a go at Golden Demon one day...

  9. Congrats on both fronts sir!

  10. Hey, great job as always, congratulations. This looks insane. Not sure if it was you but I was walking through beeston today carrying a coffee table and I hit someone that looked like you with it as I walked past them. If it was you l'm sorry ��

    1. Haha that was me! I was carrying a whole host of stuff including a couple of hundred pounds spent at WHW! Hit me up for a game any time :)

  11. That's awesome, really well done.

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