Tuesday 12 July 2016

No man is an Island - Except Dave Weston...

Peace out,



  1. Ha, ha! Awesome. There are of course quite a number of places my name is derived from, I suppose that's obvious given it means 'town in the west'. We regularly use the Weston Expressway in Runcorn when going on holiday and I think the V Festival used to be held in Weston Park. We were actually going to visit Weston Super Mare until we had to cancel the holiday [that conjures up all sorts of images of the adventures of a mutant horse solving crimes and saving people].

    Coincidentally I used to live on a Western Terrace, which was always rather confusing to convey details of when ordering stuff through the mail, uyou sound like a right plum doing the old 'ton', 'tern' mullarky!

    Thanks for the pic!

    1. Haha Ton vs Tern sounds like a nightmare :P