Thursday 9 July 2015

Death Company assemble, Terminators finished and Orks attack!

Hey readers,

I was planning on 2 extra blogposts this week but decided to smoosh them into 1 instead. Its been a nice and productive hobby week for me with a squad finished apart from minor basing additions and a lot of models built as well.

On The building front I have been working on my death company army as I have been accumulating cheap death company sprues people are selling from the shield of baal boxset. £14 for 5 brand new death company! Its brilliant! Anyway, these guys along with Astorath and Raphen's Death Company make up the bulk of my force with another dreadnought in a drop pod and a stormraven to add to it. The stormraven is bought and on its way to me so that just leaves the dreadnought and drop pod to finish the list.

Here are the damned and the thirsty (or damn thirsty) Death Company and Lemartes, the Guardian of the Lost:

And behind them you can see the then unfinished Terminator Squad. Those guys now look like this:

I am happy with how they turned out and think I've got this colour scheme for my Archangels down pretty well now. Still 21 infantry to paint for these guys but a third down. Still need do the bases properly on these guys but I will probably save a good chunk of models up and then do them all together.

And finally, I played a game last thursday with a great guy called Stuart. We were playing the first game of a narrative series so we just picked the Scouring and played it as a fast skirmish game between a templars scouting force investigating a crashed hulk on a planet of spires and deserts. It was a great game that I ended up winning 7-6 but at the end of turn three my army looked like this:

All bar my terminators and emperors champion died in that great Waaaaaaagh! But the Emperor's champion and 1 terminator grabbed an objective and my culexus assassin grabbed another objective and linebreaker to give me a win. They were my only three models left on the table to his 30 though.... 

Anyway thats all for now but I will be back on Sunday with Part 4 of my blood angels retrospective.

Till then, Peace Out



  1. A Land Raider in a scouting force?!? Your Templars certainly don't do stealth.

    1. Haha maybe less a scouting force and an expedition of the emperor's armoured fist to find and kill the xeno scum :P Besides, no self respecting Templar force ever leaves home without a Landraider Crusader...

    2. Nice job Rob! And I agree, templars without a crusader is wrong :)