Wednesday 29 July 2015

Commander Dante and Cassor the Damned AKA Happy Hungover Hobby Day

Good evening readers a hungover Rob here,

This is how I have felt all damn day.

I have had this week off which is my first full week off from work n about 2 years! Consequently I spent Monday and Tuesday quite the drunkard and occasionally infused with herbs. Today has therefore been a sober day with much healthy food eaten! Example below was my lunch today, mmmmm.

So I have managed to finish painting and base my Commander Dante conversion and make good progress on my Cassor the Damned! The initial photos in this post were taken with my smart phone and then my recently purchased digital camera arrived so subsequent photos were taken on that, hopefully to a better detail overall.

I tried to take a fair amount of pictures of Commander Dante during painting though I didn't take as many as I would have liked in the final highlight stage. With his armour, I don't really like the shining gold armour look, so I have tried to make it look like a suit of armour that has seen 1100 years of warfare plus and reflects the cold ennui that Dante lingers on the precipice of.

Uploading these pictures I realise I have to paint the cables on the back of the wings but other than that he is finished and I am happy with how he looks and I'm pretty proud of what I think is a nice unique conversion. Comments on his general look are as always welcomed :)

And here are my WIP pictures of Cassor the Damned.

Cassor will be finished tomorrow and I will post him all done and I will post a battle report on friday!!

I hope you enjoyed my small slice of life and hobby today and I will see you all tomorrow :)

Peace out all



  1. Wow. Those are looking great, dude!

    1. Thanks! Getting Cassor finished will feel good as I will have two Blood Angel troop choices finally!

  2. Looking really good Rob. Great conversion and liking the paint job.

    Love the new basing scheme as well. Much much better :)

    1. Thanks Naf, I'm pleased with the basing and glad that I left the other bases unfinished so I can add these additional bits to them now. Though not a job I relish!

  3. Looking great, I really like the paint job on the wings.

    1. Cheers Corrm, I have tried drybrushing these type of wings in the past but they really look there best when you do the feathers individually, it just puts a strain on your will to live!