Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Hotel Room Painting - Cypher the Fallen Angel

Hey hey hey,

I am currently working in Dundee doing experiments over night, so I have had plenty of time on my hands. I decided to bring a miniature up that I have had laying around primed for some time now and a bag of paints. Thus behold! Cypher the Fallen Angel. 

He isn't finished yet, aside from the base, I need to do lots more work on the cloak to get it up to scratch. I'm aiming to make the cloak look somewhat ghostly, which is what I was trying for with his armour as well. 

Peace out,




  1. Lovely! I really dig how he's coming along, man - Looks awesome as-is, and I look forward to seeing the further updates you mentioned. I really want to heresy-fy the model for my current DA project, maybe turn him into a Moritat or Vigilator...

    (Magnus was framed!)

  2. Drive another couple of hours north and we could have had a game! Looking nice, really like the cypher model, may we'll pick it up at some point.

  3. It seems somehow appropriate to paint Cypher while traveling. Looks good!

  4. Loving the highlights on the armour and cloak looks great as is, dark and midnight like a shadow. I’m always sure to pack a mini and some paints when I have to travel with work.

  5. Lovely work with him, liking how harshly the pure wing on the sword stands out. Too many people try to make it match like it is his.