Thursday, 31 May 2018

Those That Whisper - Aeldari - Spiritseer and Wraithseer

Hey hey hey,

To keep the army in theme, I obviously had to have a spiritseer, but I also decided to get myself a wraithseer, just because the model is cool and they can have a mahoosive gun!! The spiritseer's spiritmark ability will gel nicely with the wraithblades, making them even tastier in combat and will also have Empower/Enervate to help the wounds rolls as well. 

In an ideal world I would have liked to have spent a lot more time on the spiritseer's robes, but I'm happy enough that it will look OK on the tabletop, which was after all the point of painting these so quickly. I am really looking forward to my first game with this army which should be soon!

Peace out,



  1. Cool color schemes! Well done, I like these a lot!

  2. They both look great, man! Looking forward to seeing a family photo!

  3. Man, WraithSeers are such badass models. Paint jobs are looking great!

  4. Your scheme really suits these. Love the green, and the blending on the heads. Sweet work.

  5. @all

    Thanks hombres :) I only wish that the wraithseer was T8 as well!