Saturday, 2 June 2018

Those That Whisper - Aeldari Wraithlords

Hey hey hey,

Continuing to show you the Laksh'vron in all their glory, we have the two wraithlords up today. If I were to run this army more competitively, I would definitely not give them swords, but give them a full shuriken load out personally. But, I want this army to punch things in the face with pointy things a lot... Hence the wraithblades as opposed to wraithguard! 

Shuriken cannons on both of these as well as the catapults allows them to advance and still lay down fire, with that all important -3 AP on a 6 to wound. Tasty. Then sword time! 

I do wish that Wraithlords had 9 wounds so that they didn't degrade so much, but that is truly mitigated by the Iyanden craftworld trait (doubling wounds when calculatin degredation profile if you didn't know). 

Peace out,



  1. Love the two handed pose. Great scheme continues, these are looking a peach.

    1. Thank you for sticking with me through my terrible posting and responding :)