Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Mortarion - The Plague Reaper - Father of Decay - Complete

Hey hey hey,

I'm back from working in San Diego for a while and here we are with the big daddy all complete. I'm pretty pleased with how he has come out. I feel like he shows a slight shift towards where I want to be regarding competing in the big leagues of painting, but still a long way to go along that road. 

I really enjoyed doing all the various fleshtones and such like; though at the end of the day I am glad to not have him sat on my bed side table (only place I had space for his wings) glowering at me...

I have some more Death Guard coming up, as well as some Aeldari and a secret projects for Mr Winters. 

I'll also be detailing what my entries for next years Warhammer Fest Golden Demon will be! I have being drawing ideas and sketches abound and I'll go through a few of them in written form soon. Feedback on the concept before I get started will inevitably make the composition better. 

Peace out,



  1. That is freakin' spectacular! Probably my favorite version of ol' Morty I've seen painted up, love the color scheme!

  2. You should be very proud of this job well done, seriously great colour choice, a far cry from the box art Greens and Purples which makes this even better. Nice contrast with the blues and reds and love the Plasma Gun its really striking - WintersSEO will be very very happy! Great job Rob, seriously seen your skills develop before my eyes... I'm gonna have to send you more Commissions when you are again free of DG and DA...

    1. Rob, hope you don’t mind, I cross posted this at Reddit r/Warhammer40k, more hobbyists must see this great mini.

  3. Great work, as always Rob! I really like the colour scheme, looking forward to seeing it come up in some battle reports.

  4. Great work! I particularly like the dark purple on the wings, and how the red hood focuses attention on the face.

    Pretty sure it wouldn't help my sleep to have him sitting on the bedside table, either ;)

  5. You should be deligted with him. Wonderful work altogether, it really does look ace. All the hours paid off it seems.

    Glad you went with that colour scheme and all.