Sunday 21 June 2015

Astorath the Grim and Archangels List finalised

Hi there everyone!

First thing is first,,, 1000 views!! A pitiful amount compared to many blogs I follow (such as Alex @ From the Fang whom I received a FAT mat from after winning his 1 million views competition), but I hope to get more followers and views as I put more work out there. Incidentally I can't seem to add the followers widget to my blog, just the google plus widget, if anyone else has had this problem do leave me a comment or send me an email on how to sort the damn thing!!


I got back nice and early today from watching tennis in Nottingham which was good fun, if very delayed because of Britain's beautiful weather... I really wanted to make some significant progress today so instead of starting on a squad I decided to paint an independent character because I can finish those in a few hours if I really set myself too it. To that end I decided to paint the metal Astorath the Grim model that arrived on thursday and I had stripped down. I forgot to take pictures of it its stripped stated but here's a picture of him basecoated:

(Though I did give the striated parts an experimental wash and drybrush in this picture - but found it too bright)

And washed x 1:

And washed x 2:

And highlighted and done!

I've not finished his base because he is on a 25mm base and I want my Blood Angels to be fully on the 32mm bases. I have no intention to convert my Black Templars though they will just stay with the 25mm they are all already based on. To do the conversion I have ordered some secret weapon converters and am looking forward to receiving them and doing a little review of how they go together and how effective they are. I know many people are intending to re-base their models and this may prove an easier way than ripping them all off their 25mm bases and sticking on a fresh one, just add an outer layer and base it appropriately. 


So I've finally settled on the list I'm going to take with my Archangels Strike Force. Obviously if you hadn't already noticed I'm not a super competitive player, a lot of my choices are based one what I think looks an plays cool with a lot of leaning towards fluff over competitiveness. I don't ignore that aspect but its occurrence is as much happy coincidence as it is design half the time!

Anyway here is the list and I'll put a little summary afterwards.


Captain Karlaen

Terminator Librarian with ML2 and combi-melta


Furioso Dreadnought with Frag Cannon, heavy flamer

+ Drop pod with deathwind missile launcher and locator beacon

5 x Assault Terminators - all with lightning claws

5 x Assault Terminaotrs - all with Thunder Hammer + Storm Shield

5 x sternguard with 2 x grav gun, 2 x combi-grav, sergeant has grav pistol + power fist

+ Drop pod with deathwind missile launcher

5 x sternguard with 2 x melta gun, 2 x combi melta, sergeant has combi melta, chainsword

+ Drop pod with storm bolter

5 x vanguard veterans with jump packs, melta bombs, all with storm shields and thunder hammers apart from sergeant who has relic blade, hand flamer 

5 x vanguard veterans with jump packs, 5 x bolt pistol, 1 x power fist, 3 x hand flamers, sergeant has melta bombs and relic blade.

So obviously not that competitive but has some tasty elements too it. Depending on the army I'm facing I can drop 2 of the 3 drop pods which deal with either 2 + saves (grav sternguard), tanks (melta sternguard) or cover hugging infantry/small hordes (3 x flamer dreadnought).

Additionally all scatter in this formation is 6 inches for units arriving from deep strike (which I think includes drop pods?) and I can re-roll my reserves as either a formation benefit or a Captain Karlaen benefit. Though I assume these don't stack, i.e. I can't re-roll the same reserve roll twice if it fails the second time? Feel free to correct me if I can!!

This means I have fair chance of my reserves coming in hot and fast, the terminators are self explanatory, the hammer vets are back up against 2+ and tanks and the flamer vets have some punch in close combat but can gunsling bolt pistols and templates against troops.

The librarian is token psychic defence as well as taking the blood angels powers which means he will get the primaris the quickening. This is intended to be cast on none hammer vets and the dreadnought as well as the hammer vets in a pinch as this will give the sergeant an edge in any challenge hopefully! It will also help if any hammer unit attacks a high AV target, maximising the odds of the hammers rolling 6's with a potential 3 extra attacks each!

I'm not going to change the list, but any suggestions on how best you would run it beyond what I have said would be interesting to hear :)

And I think it is also fair to say that I have resigned myself to also making a Death Company themed army. It already has its HQ and a troop choice in Raphen's Death Company and I purchased 5 none jump pack Death Company off ebay to ride in a storm raven in the final list. So it's happening.

Incidentally if anyone is interested in buying my converted Militarum Tempestus models I have resigned myself to selling them and the Baneblade off together. Please email me any sensible offers that include postage costs :)

Till next time (which could be literally whenever at the moment) my readers and here's to the next 1000 views!

Peace out



  1. Awesome, congrats on the views Rob :). They will continue to grow as you post stuff up and start building a following :)

    I like the dark red on the armour much better than the first pic. The highlighting on the wings also works very nicely and really contrasts with the armour (in a good way). Great job :)

    1. Yeah I feel the dark has a more gorey stripped muscle look to it. Brushes are making a real difference with the highlighting. Still plenty of wayward lines on the wings but just need a lot of practice I feel.

      Unsure about the eyes on him though. I quite like the souless black pits he is currently rocking but any suggestions are welcome :)

    2. Yeah I like the darkness of the eyes too. It fits his character

  2. My comment appears to have disappeared. I guess you got the info about the followers gadget.

    1. Huh, I got this comment just as I was replying to the other one, maybe thats why you couldn't see it? And yes, very helpful thank you! As I said on other reply, seems a damned stupid place to put it if you ask me!

      I have just been looking at your Dark Angels, looking forward to seeing your ravenwing as I'm ummin and ahhing about them :P

    2. Glad I could help, having my own problems with blogger trying to update my blogroll.

      Still can't see my previous comment (may be a problem on my end), so wanted to say again, good work on the model! Looks great.

    3. Seems to be a problem with blogger as I cant do anything to my blog roll either