Monday 1 June 2015

WIP - Blood Angels Dreadnought

Just a quick post from work today with some picture I took last night as my girlfriend watched Wallace and Gromit The Wrong Trousers (the best by any measure of the films :p). I had done very little hobby stiff beyond planning and buying over the past month or so, after a very productive April so I decided to just jump in and get started. Thankfully the bug took over and I made good progress on my Blood Angels Dreadnought to go with the Termies.

Pics are below:

Obviously quite a bit of work left to do on this fella. Need to first and second highlight the blue and greens (also realised I missed a few of the green areas off on the first run through), need to highlight the red, give the grey areas a very thin coat of white, add some small gold detailing around some of the blue gems and ammo feed for the frag cannon, the black needs highlighting. the scroll work and bones need a wash and highlighting and the gold needs silver highlights. After that all the rivets need picking out. And the base of course!

After all that, once I have a technique that I'm confident with then I will have a stab at weathering as well.

I'm hoping to get the majority of this done tonight so hopefully some pictures soon, especially as I am away again this weekend so free hobby time is still at a damn premium! After this chap is finished I think I will put some paint on to either Captain Karlaen or my Blood Angel Librarian. This would give me a valid (if pretty tactically rubbish) Archangel Strike Force to ally in to my Templars which is nice!

Peace out



  1. Looking good Robert. My only suggestion at this point (and you already mentioned you need to work on it), is making sure that base isn't so close in tone to the model!

    1. Ah no worries there! Its going to be painted an ice blue, given a light drybrush of white scar and then littered with some snow effect. or at least that's the plan! We'll see how that turns out....