Thursday 18 June 2015

Raphen's Death Company finished

Good evening returning readers.

A short gap between posts this week as I am off to Nottingham Friday evening to visit my partners sister and watch some tennis apparently. I had forgotten that I had agreed to this so it cam as something of a shock! This makes it unlikely I will have much time to post on Sunday so in case I fail to make any progress on other models and get a post up I thought I'd let you see the "finished" Death Company as they are.

I say "finished" as the bases are currently done only up to the first thin layer of snow effect, I will add bits and bobs of character to the bases before lumps of super glue and snow effect are piled on which gives an icy snow drift kind of effect, its not the best snow effect but its far from the worst and looks nice when totally finished I'd say, such as can be seen on Captain Karlaen. 

I've had a blast painting these and they have come together really quickly compared to the terminators and that isn't because they are short on detailing as the kit itself is fantastic with lots of different death company marking all about the model. I have determined to buy another dreadnought so I can use it as Cassor the damned from the Shield of Baal series and I may have accidentally slipped and pressed buy on eBay and purchased Astorath the Grim (in metal no less), so I have the beginnings of a small death company force.

Anyway here's lots of pictures with lots of angles as I am very very happy with how these have turned out, tempted to say best looking squad I have painted ever. Opinions on the standard of these models and how you would rate them would be really really appreciated, I'd just like to get some scope for where I am at :)

For the rest of the month I am going to focus on a few things. Firstly it is to lay down the major blocking colours on the terminators and maybe get to the wash stage, I'd be very happy with that. 

Secondly I need to put time aside to tidy up the drop pods for the blood angels, they were second hand and I had to hack of some dark angel icons and the pods in general have lots of flash and sprue that need filing off. If I can get hold of them I will buy some new icons to glue to the doors as they do add a nice little break in the flatness. 

Finally if they are built I will wait for a nice day and undercoat the inside in black for drybrushing and then close the doors and undercoat the outside in mephiston red as well as undercoat my blood angel librarian in maccrage blue and give it a purple wash. 

The plan through July would then be too finish the terminators, paint up the pods and librarian and purchase some 32mm bases so I can build myself a couple of squads of sternguard with grav and melta loadouts. Except I've just remembered I'm moving house and that includes having to stay at a friends for 2 weeks because my tenancy ends on the 19th of July and my new house starts on the 1st of August... scrap that plan then! I'll see what I can smash out at the beginning of July before they are packed...

If I can get all that done by August I will be a very happy bunny and the blood angels will be well on their way and then I can switch back to my templars to get them ship shape for Fluffageddon in September! Which I also need to buy a ticket for :/

Hobby like you mean it!

Peace out



  1. They are looking really good Rob. Your line highlighting on the black works nicely and the osl effect on the jump pack boosters is great. If you are looking for ways to improve on what you have done for the next ones then I would say another layer of highlights on the black would really make it pop. Just on the very edges where the light would catch a v small line of light grey would work great. Black is a bugger to paint though so I think what you have done is fab.

    Oh and pester pester wet palette pester pester ;) (to go with my pestering have a read of this :)

    1. Thanks Naff! I was pleased with the OSL and have taken it a bit further on Astorath! I've ordered a P3 wet palette :)

      These guys aren't sealed so I will try that extra highlight when I get some time from being distracted by shiny other models :P

  2. Hi Rob, nice work!
    For the followers gadget, go to Layout and "Add a Gadget", you will find the followers gadget under the "More Gadgets" tab on the left hand side of the pop-up that appears. It's at the bottom of the list.

    1. Thanks Corrm!! I have no idea why its all the way down there! Much appreciated :)