Tuesday 27 December 2016

Ravenwing Commission Test Model - Complete

Hey all,

I hope you had a very merry christmas and all got loads of models to beef up your collections!! I've been doing a little painting now that I've started to set up shop in my new flat, but still rooting around in boxes for that one piece that I swear I packed somewhere! But anyway, for the Dark Angels commission that I've been getting on with I've finished my tester for the Ravenwing. Steering clear of the just black/white and trying to tie it in to the Deathwing force more with greens and creams.

I'm very pleased with how this chap has turned out and I'm hoping to get through the Ravenwing a damn sight quicker than I've been sloping through the Termies!

Peace out,



  1. The only thing I'm unconvinced about is the yellow headlight. It's just too pronounced, if it had been red it might have blended in and matched his eye lenses, it just seems odd with this spot colour, unless it could be toned down a bit. Not that my own red headlights are making me biased, if his eye lenses were yellow it might work, I know they're delivering two different functions but its another colour that's been added. Of course your client might have specified the colour its just a little glaring compared to the plasma coils for instance, which are fab.

    1. I was unconvinced with it, but as nobody had said anything I'd just left it, glad to have some feedback and I've got the squads up and done for show today and I've modified the headlight, so I'd love to know your thoughts on the new colouring :)

    2. It works so much better :)