Monday, 7 August 2017

On wings of Death - Nurgle!

Hey all,

Well here we finally have some more movement on my Nurgle Commission. The Ravenwing are progressing in the backfield but they are being bulk painted like never before so not much to show as each step is very incremental. These guys are pretty much done however! As always photos will bring to light many missed points that need touching up and the like! I wasn't sent the bases with these hombres so I've had to make do with a nuln oil throne!

I have really enjoyed painting nurgle overall, I like the green with bursts of colour here and there, plus the fun of splattering them with blood and pus! Tomorrow I've got some heralds and nurgling bases to show as well. I've still got the second Death Guard drone from Dark Imperium to finish off as well as 20 poxwalkers. That marks the second phase of this commission complete with Phase three to go, which I believe will be the final phase!

That won't arrive till some fresh DG releases though, so hopefully you'll see a surge in both Ravenwing work and Primaris marines as well as I am itching to get my own stuff done! 

Peace out,



  1. Good stuff pal! I've got 9 of these buggers to do as well, you've definitely given me food for thought! The only thing I'd say is that some of the blood looks a little cleanly defined around the edges, but other than they they look superb!

  2. That's lovely Rob, love the contrast with the pus green and the purple-y wings.

  3. Very cool dude (in a disgusting kind of way :D )