Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Its Contagious! Nurgle Spreads Further...

Heyho, lets go,

Moar, moar, moar, how do you like it? Plenty of bits and bobs to touch up on these, like how I managed to miss half of the entrails on one of the heralds!? Not sure how that happened but I'm no genius so there we go. I'll be adding some extra blood splatter as well, but my lungs gave away (don't smoke kids) half way and so I lay in the recovery position instead. 

I'm not a fan of painting nurglings just green, looks very bland to me, so I jazzed in a few extra colours for variety and liberally covered in blood and pus. I'm looking forward to seeing these once they have been returned to the owner and based to really finish them off. 

Peace out,



  1. Nice! The nurglings in particular look really cool!

  2. The Nurglings do look much better with more varied colours. Nice work as always!

  3. These are awful, in the best way possible. Great colour combinations on the Nurgling bases, and I love the mix of textures in the Plaguebearer.