Sunday 16 October 2016

Solar Auxilia - Veletaris Finished and more progress!!

Hey gang,

So I have been beavering away as much as possible to get my solar Auxilia in ship shape for my game against Winters Seo and behold the fruits of my labour! Not only have I finished my squad of Volkite Veletaris but I also finished the Vexilarius to an acceptable standard. His banner needs more work till I am happy with it and before I apply any design to its front but its good enough to go for now. Its actually magnetised as well so it won't get wrecked in transportation!

I'm particularly happy with the glow on the lanterns of the banner, but I've annoyingly over done it a bit on the Veletaris lenses, but I'm not going to fuss too much. They weren't going to win me a Golden Demon any day soon anyway!!

I've got the Strategos and two Dracosans left to paint before Thursday morning to make up my 2000 point force! Below is their current state:

The tanks have a lot of ground to cover but its all quite simple and I've already done it a couple of times so theirs plenty of reference work to remind me of my previous decisions. The Strategos on the other hand has so much detail on him that its going to be a big push to get him finished and not look rushed. That said I'm fairly confident I can get this done though it might be a late night Wednesday job!

Peace out,