Wednesday 21 June 2017

Primaris Marines in 8th Edition - A Fresh Start

Hello all you fine folk :)

Point the first - I have a month of comments to reply too (again!), as usual I am very sorry for my profligate approach to replying, it has becoming something of a personal bugbear of mine that I am struggling to address. Mostly because I appreciate every single comment I ever get, I read them all and I wish I was more timely in my responses! I am setting aside time over the coming days to answer them all!

Point the second - This paint scheme on the Primaris pictured is not my finalised scheme! Please give feedback freely on colour choices and style :)! My motivation for trying something bright was in order to have a look at different painting techniques that were somewhat cleaner; this was intended to make me a better painter as I wouldn't be hiding behind darkness and damage so much. 

Point the third - The reeaaal motivation behind this is the standard of painting that I saw at Warhammer Fest in the Golden Demon. I don't necessarily think that I have to master layering and blending in order to win something beyond a pin, BUT I do think that not relying on something I'm comfortable with will make me a better painter and give me more strings to my bow to achieve the effects I desire on a miniature and help push up my chances in such a high standard environment. 

All that said, here's lots of pictures! 

I've already had a suggestion to swap the blue for a grey, which definitely works in my head at least, so something I may be trying! Others things to bear in mind is this was my first time attempting layering and blending without using a battered dry brush so be gentle ;)

Peace out,



  1. I dig it! Really liking the layering and blending style you're going with.

    I might suggest going for a third color in the green or yellow range for the weapon casing rather than the same blue as the armor (perhaps a similar color to what you did for the eyes), in order to get a color triad going for a little extra pop. Been itching to get my hands on some NuMarines as well, looking forward to seeing yours come together!

    1. Given a bit more thought, a green or yellow may veer into the "skittle marine" look. Maybe a white or bone colored weapon housing?

  2. Ironic - I always struggle to get that dark look right and you're going through the same with bright colours!

    Brutal honesty incoming! I don't like the relationship between the blue and the orangey red, it looks a bit cartoony I think (transformers in particular). That being said, it's done well!

    If I were you I'd look at swapping one of the colours for something more neutral, a light grey or cream, maybe even a mid brown or camo green might work nicely? I think the blue and orange are both feature colours and they're warring a bit to my mind.

    What do you think to the models though? I'm smitten with mine, such nice sculpts and poses!

  3. Rob, love the Orange, don't change that at all, but the blue is too light or something... it looks off. A grey could work well and will tie in nicely with the Tau-esque tech these Nu-Marines are getting, or alternatively a richer darker blue? Maybe not as many plates either? The greave discs should perhaps remain one solid colour, perhaps limit the blue/grey accents to shoulder pauldrons, helmets and packs. The knees again, Orange but with blue numerals? The fluff states that Primaris marines iconography and armour is less embellished than the older Mk's of regular Marines, you could reign it in and reflect that in the colours and styling? Love the orange!

  4. Whilst I'm not much of a fan of the Primaris marines, that's a damn fine paint job, and I really like the color scheme!

  5. I like the colour scheme as is. I might personally not colour the weapons and leave them black and metal, but each to their own. My only niggle with that mini is the pose. He looks like he is leaning back.

    Good luck on catching up on comments.

  6. If you feel like sticking with the blue and red colour scheme go for the Brazen claws chapter. :)

  7. @ All, thanks for all the comments, they helped so so much :)