Friday 27 November 2015

Hobby Butterfly and Things to do before New Year

Hi everyone,

I sat down to do some hobbying last night and I just couldn't concentrate on one thing so here are a few picture of what I got myself working on and then I'll just lay out what I'm hoping to get done before the new year kicks in! A mini challenge to myself to make some good progress!

First up we have the final librarian for my Librarius Conclave. I have put off starting this guy as he is all glued together and that makes the painting that much more fiddly! But I was pleased to just put a few very messy base layers on him last night and get the ball rolling, lots left to do but it give him more shape finally and makes the task seem easier from here:

I also started on the reaper autocannon for my 30k Dark Angels. This guy is a little bit more tricky than the lightning claws purely because he has more detail overall. But he should look good when he is done :)

And finally, whilst I was digging through piles of cr*p on my desk I found this guy who I totally forgot I had bought! I got an undercoat and work should commence this weekend!

Plans before New Year

So, I have one very set goal I want to complete before new year. That is to complete the bare minimum for a Lion's Blade Detachment with my Dark Angels. The things left to do are:

- Grav Devastators
- Devastators drop pod
- Scout for auxiliary formation

This would give me a neat little Dark Angels force that will work in a CAD or Lion's Blade Detachment. The plan then would be to ally them with my Blood Angels and get some test games in finally!

Other than that I have a few goals I would like to complete but I can live with missing:

- Finish first squad of 30k Terminators
- Build final 10 Death Company
- Build and convert 1 squad of Alpha Legion for 30k
-Finally stop pussy footing around and pick a vehicle to buy from forgeworld. I've set aside £100 for this so I just need to pick one... Or maybe spend more and pick 2 ;)

Anyway, just a little update from me, hope to have something more solid soon!

Peace out,


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