Monday 20 June 2016

Double Trouble Game Review - Game 1

Hi All,

So today, with the help of Luke Darksun and his video skills I was going to just quickly go over my first game at Double Trouble. I will go over my second game later this week with help from pictures that Dave Weston of 40kAddict took as well! Sadly I have no pictures from the third game but I will still do a quick written summary as it was good fun!

Darksun's Dark Mood Video

So the above video gives Luke's take on the whole game! From my perspective I was paired with the charming Matt Greenwood, though his choice of demons did have me itching to run to the bathroom and clean the filth off me ;). I am keen to attend Matt's Fluffageddon tournament coming later this year, which I will give details on as they come available for you if you are interested!

Faced off against us was Ian Plumpton and Luke Darksun. I met Ian at the very last Blog Wars, where along with a third party we had a good moan about Necrons and Eldar on the fire escape whilst having a smoke, so it was really good to see a familiar face and have a natter. Luke's blog I have followed for some time and so it was good to meet him in person as well. 

Ian had some lovely teal coloured Tau and Luke had some equally lovely Howling Griffons. The Tau were a very friendly list I thought, with two squads of breachers, a squad of crisis suits, two devilfish, a unit of pathfinders, an ethereal and ghostkeel making up his army. So nothing particularly dirty at all!

The howling griffons on the other hand had drop pod grav centurions to contend with as well as some psychic might with a librarian and then a smattering of friendly unit like a land speeder storm, a unit of scouts, and a unit of marines. Not sure if I missed anything, but that unit of grav cents had my krios worried. 

The highlight of the game for me was my Krios venator passing 5/6 cover saves of 4+ when shot upon by the grav cents! As you can see from the video this was Luke's favourite moment too... The grav cents were then brutally taken down my a psychic shriek next turn... Ouch!

In turn 3 as the crisis suits started to pose a threat in our back lines, my Scyllax made a fine show of themselves by utilising their S7 AP2 attack coupled with -1 toughness to the suits to instagibb 2 of them and then finish the final suit off in turn 4. 

The Krios was put to fine work as well when his 4 shot S9 AP2 gun brutally cut down the now isolated Ethereal... Overkill much!?

Matts's demons were as terrifyingly resilient as expected, with Matt killing more of his models through sacrifice and perils of the warp than the opposing army managed. However the tau did make a good job of killing Matt's Nurgle Demon prince in an impressive display of firepower. If you have ever faced a Nurgle Demon prince, you know that is tough! I faced two in my second list that were awful to deal with! 

The game ended with a drop pod on 1 hull point as my scyllax failed to wreck it. Had they done so then I would have been victorious in the Master Tactician category of the tournament! But such is life! 

The game was very good fun, Matt had a laugh at my memory as I kept forgetting about his ongoing reserves coming on and Ian and Luke were good fun sports. It didn't feel at all like a super competitive game and much laugh and banter was had. 

Apologies for the lack of pictures, I hope the video makes up for that somewhat and there should be more pictures for Game 2 courtesy of Dave Weston!

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  1. Replies
    1. Yeah it was very good fun indeed, Alex runs really nice events and would heartily recommend them if you get the chance

  2. Yeah, I may have been tabled for my troubles but at least I took one impressive model with me! Your Mechanicum are equally terrifying and impressive (and beautifully painted of course!) Very intimidating for tiny Tau!

    1. A pleasure to play you as well, good fun gaming gent. I really liked your sotek green Tau and took inspiration from them for my Alpha Legion so cheers! And thanks for the compliment, yours looked great too! Would love to play that stormsurge