Thursday 29 September 2016

Age of Sigmar...The Empire Strikes Back!

Hey all,

So my regular gaming buddy Dan got interested in Age of Sigmar and after flicking through the Generals Handbook I decided to give it a go as a side game! I picked up a lot of second hand Empire models for very cheap as I have really been enjoying playing regular humans recently instead of super humans or other races.

After a couple of games I can say Age of Sigmar is a very enjoyable beer and pretzels game. The only thing we took exception too was the variable game turn roll off, but that is easily house ruled for our enjoyment anyway. 

I'm not planning on spending a lot of time on these models as they literally just a side project for fun and games with no expectation to ever take them to events other than local ones, so not fussed about winning any prizes and thus table top quality will do! 

Here's what I've got painted so far which has taken a sum total of about 4 hours painting. Very rewarding when not going for best quality!

Obviously the bases are still to be done, but I want to block paint them. I've also got the following bought and ready to paint:

10 x pikemen
10 x Handgunners
10 x Handgunners
1 x Wizard mounted
1 x Wizard on foot
3 x Demigryphs
10 x Reikland Knights
2 x Mortars

I'm also planning on buying Karl Franz for a proper Empire force! 

Peace out,



  1. Round bases Rob?!?! You make me cry :(

    Only kidding, looking good. Have to plan some more AoS games, never really got into it.

    1. Haha sorry Mike! Round bases just please my aesthetic eye a lot more.

      Best description I found that summed up AoS for me was its like chess. Limited moves, but the order and placement of your moves makes so much difference. The combat phase in particular was really fun in the games I've played.

  2. Hell yeah man, the demigryphs look great! Just posted some similar shots here -

    The variable turn thing actually ends up being quite tactical once you get used to it. Whether to push on hoping for the double turn etc

    1. Thanks for the link mate :) I do like me some Demigryphs! Got 3 more incoming.

      I totally get that about the turn order, it just feels sour to win or lose a game on an additional random element in a very random game.

      I feel like you have enough involvement in the other players turn already, with you being able to dictate combats sequentially as well as activate abilities in your opponents hero phase, that it mitigates the I go you go playstyle of old.

      But just my feeling and I'm glad you're enjoying it whatever way you play :)

  3. One of my local Opponents has been getting me into AoS as well, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Just using my Daemons so far, since they let me get into the Game without having to invest anything, but I'm considering getting some Flesheater Courts stuff or getting back into Skaven again.

    1. Ooooh I think you'd do a great job of the Flesheaters court! That gets my vote ;)

    2. I love their fluff, too. They all think they're virtuous nobles and knights and everyone else are hideous monsters.

    3. Yeah they have managed to recapture some of the fluff from 5th edition vamp counts which I like. I have a spare Terrorgheist lying around if you want it by the way, though no idea of the postage!