Tuesday 6 September 2016

Warhammer World 6k Game and Exhibition

Hey gang,

On my recent trip to warhammer world for a 6k aside game of 30k/40k I took a bucket load of pictures of the game and the exhibition, I thought I'd just photodump here for you to persue :)



The lighting for Angelus Prime is very cinematic but not conducive to good photography!


For anyone thinking of going to warhammer world I cannot recommend the exhibition enough, I could happily go round it again and find new things to look at!

Peace out,



  1. Great pics, dude! The one time I was there (over a decade ago), they didn't have nearly as much in the way of cool displays, and the place was packed for a big WHFB event, so it was hard to get around to look at stuff.

    1. Yeah it is sooo much nicer since the do over and the exhibition is worth every penny, plus your ticket is for all day so you can mooch around in the morning, play and game and then look around after as well. My only gripe with WHW is the lack of proper gamer snack (aka chocolate and crips and sausage rolls!)