Monday 5 September 2016

More Harlequins Work Done

Hey all,

I know the style I'm painting these guys is not universally popular but I hope if you stick with me, once the force is complete and on a table I think it will really zing! Just to point out not everything is going to be painted blue! The regular Troupes will be blue, and the skyweavers, starweavers, voidweavers, shadowseers, solitaire and death jesters will all be different colours making them east to identify in a crowd!

Anyway here is more work on the first troupe and the second troupe to the same standard, once I have the third troupe done I will be basing them with a drab grey and snow grass look.

Peace out,



  1. These are brilliant! Literally! Why are these unpopular? People need to lighten up, it's not like you're painting Imperial Guard neon orange or something...

  2. Gotta be honest dude, I am not feeling the scheme yet but I will withhold final judgement until I see them completely finished and based.
    I like the blue but not sure the mask colour works well, and I think maybe do the weapons a different colour to break up the blue a bit.
    At the end of the day though it is your scheme and you paint em how you want, those are just my thoughts, ignore as you please :)

    1. Ah no worries mate, I knew it would divide opinion quite brutally. I just wanted to get them jacked up asap for playing. All my proper painting effort is going into 30k anyways. The idea is that each unit is not so impressive alone, but with starweavers being green I have decided, skyweavers will be orange and the like its supposed to be a smorgasbord of colour as an army. Hopefully once I can get an army shot it'll look cool and interesting if not to everyones tastes :)

      But funny as it sounds I enjoy having comments that feel free to criticise me on the blog, its nice to know you'll keep me in check on my more serious projects you know :)

  3. I love the blue, man! I can see where you're going with 'em, and I look forward to seeing 'em based. I agree with NafNaf that you might want to consider picking out the weapons in a different color - doesn't have to be something super contrast-y but perhaps a complimentary indigo or amethyst could be cool, or perhaps carry a bit of the mask color onto certain parts of the weapons just to give 'em a little more zing.

    That said, I'd definitely love to know the recipe you used for the blue! Keep up the great work, man!

    1. I think those features are something I may come back and do after the force is done (See above comment) but they are just too much of a chore for a force I'm not really invested in except as a fun force to play around with every once in a while. Though amethyst is probably the way I would go now you mention it :)

      The blue is actually based off me trying to recreate the blue from your imperial fists funnily enough mate!!

      Its maccrage blue, altdorf blue, caldor blue, hoeth blue, hoeth blue/white scar, white scar, 2 x washes of guilliman blue glaze. All drybrushed on until the glaze. Though I have very small drybrushes for some of it. I'll be doing a post on how I think dry brushing has a bad rep soon so eyes peeled :)

  4. I'm already liking them better than in the first post. Def looking forward to seeing where they end up.