Saturday 14 January 2017

Deathwing Knights - Four Complete

Hey all,

Today I've got some Deathwing Knights for you. In keeping with the majority of this commission, I've kept everything just a little off the beaten path rather than copy the archetypal paint scheme to the letter. This has always been intended so that Russ, the client, can give them their own story as a successor chapter with their own little foibles. Also it makes the army just a little bit more unique on the table I hope! 

I'm very fond of before and after shots, so here we have some shots of the Knights with just basecoat colours applied, aside from the drybrushing on the 'stone' aspects. But that needs to happen before any wash is applied to blend it all together.

And then here we have them all completely done apart from, as is usual with this commission, the bases.

I am very nearly finished with the infantry now, and after I've got them complete and the bases done, I will be putting them on my gaming table for some cinematic shots for you all together, I promise!!! Just a little longer to wait :)

Peace out,



  1. Flippin' awesome Knights, love the mace colours, real stand out minis. This army will look awesome, can't wait to battle it!

  2. You must get sick of hearing this, but great work Rob ;) You need to do a photo of the full army before you ship them back to the customer.

    1. No no, please continue :P I am planning on getting my gaming table out to get some action shots of them before I let go of them :)