Tuesday 23 May 2017

8th Edition Release Date and Starter Box Revealed!

Hey gang,

The Dark Imperium!!! Pre-orders are in June 3rd and the release is June 17th! This looks fantastic! Even if you don't like the Primaris marines in the fluff or in looks, everyone can get behind how beautiful those death guard are! For the price point that GW usually puts starter sets this looks to be great value for money, with a hard back rulebook as well!

I am very much in the mind for getting this and converting the shit out of those Primaris marines!! 

Additionally they have confirmed the Index books that will update all of the codices until each faction has an individual book released:

This is EXACTLY what they needed to do for the release of 8th and they are knocking it out of the park. 

AND they have also released info for updated Forgeworld books, starting with Chaos and Imperium.

Colour me excited :)

Peace out,



  1. Well I guess If we want to play we will still be buying an 'index' for our armies. (Only the CORE rules are states to be free) So I now wonder just how much £$ each index will now be...
    [I'm with you on converting the shit out of the primaris marines though. The background is already full of larger than normal marines and these guys would make nice sergeants/characters and such as they are not that much larger than a normal marine)

    1. Index books are supposedly 15£ each. Seems pretty reasonable, really