Thursday, 18 May 2017

Belisarius Cawl - 75% Done!

Hey diddly ho,

More work on Belisarius Cawl!! Getting there... slowly getting there with this monstrosity of a model. By and large all the major components are done, the main stages left are to add colour where power is flowing through the model, this will mostly be in the shape of blue OSL to match the rest of the mechanicum, but I may throw an odd bit of green in there as well for a servo skulls eyes or such. 

Secondary to that is making and painting the base to completion! Then I can glue the whole thing together and be done with it. 

I've very much gone for a tired and knackered look to the whole model, nothing to clean about it, generally in keeping with the rest of my mechanicum and my painting style in general. This model has lent itself to that style well I think. I'm actually weirdly proud of the skulls colour on this model, just quite pleased with how the white turned out!

Looking forward to getting a splash of complimenting colour on it though, that should really make it "pop". 

Peace out,



  1. You should be proud, it is looking really.

  2. Lovely, will look great when a blue accent is added, that will look ace

  3. I am loving how that's coming along man - Gorgeous!