Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A Deathly Pet Project and Deathwing Land Raider

Hey y'all,

So I picked up Mortarion the Reaper from Heresy Trading on Facebook some time ago now. I had originally been planning to start a Deathguard force, but I decided that I was pushing my time and funds a little to hard with that endeavour! Especially since I have a chunk of Sisters of Silence lying in wait... I just need their vehicle to be released!!

But I have kept hold of him as a little painting project and I've decided to start work on him fairly soon, just little odds and sods in my idle time more than anything. I bought him without his scenic base and he was pre-built and undercoated so I still need to decided where I'm going with his colours and whether he needs to be re-under coated.

It is one oft he best Primarch models out there in my opinion and really gives off a sense of dread! I'm looking forward to laying some paint down on him very much. (Just noticed I'm missing an exhaust.... hopefully that is in his box somewhere!). 

In other news I have got some way with all the gubbins that were missing from the Deathwing Land Raider in its last pictures. This one will be a crusader to make good use of the extra space and fill it full of terminators I'm sure! 

Loads of odds and sods to do on this chap still. The lights will be getting some soft OSL added and I do need to retrospectively drill the bolters (my bad!), but overall its taking good shape :)

Peace out,



  1. Mortarion's probably one of my favorite primarchs too, for the same reason! Odd thing, I remember having misgivings over his maskless face when every piece of art presented otherwise, but he has an uncanny valley thing going on that's nice and disturbing. I'm sure you'll work wonders on him!

  2. I like almost every aspect of the Mortarion Model, but it really bugs me that he's got his elbows locked. Makes it look like he's trying to keep the scythe away from him, rather than like he;s using it. I'm probably eventually going to pick him up anyhow, because he's one of my favorite Primarchs, but I'm gonna have to do some serious work repositioning the arms.

  3. I take back my previous comments, must have been the lighting, that looks the great amount of weathering and much brighter than before? Great job Rob, you are right, Russ will love it! (Not that Russ of the wolf Kin)