Thursday 4 May 2017

Deathwing Librarian - WIP

Hey gang,

Following on from yesterday, I put some work on the dreadnought arms last night which was fairly tedious! But I broke that up with work on the Deathwing Librarian. The Librarian is one of those sculpt which gives you pause for thought as it is so highly detailed, with little chains and lightning bolts here and there. It really is a great looking miniature. 

I still have a few tiny highlights to do and the eyes to finish off but other than that he can go with the rest of the Deathwing that just need basing!

Hopefully I'll have the dreads finished soon and then I can crack on with the Master of the Deathwing before I tackle the weight of the Land Raiders! Then it will be Ravenwing galore, plus a little bit of sneaky Greenwing...

Peace out,



  1. My oh my! You sir, are on fire. Terrific details and a real sense of weight to this guy. Your figure painting is outstanding.

    1. Still reaching for your heights sir! Its a beautifully detailed model though

  2. Lovely work, man! Really dig how he turned out!

  3. Excellent work, dude! I really would not want to get in that guy's way!