Sunday 2 August 2015

Chaplain and Sanguinary Priest Conversions - WIP

Hi Readers,

A productive week for me blog and hobby wise, which is to be expected when I am off work I suppose! Its been a much needed holiday and has seen a good amount of work made on my hobby to do pile. 

But as always where progress has been made, more models must be bought and built and converted like some horrible compulsion! Today I have a few pictures of a converted Sanguinary priest with some forgeworld bits I grabbed off eBay and also a converted Chaplain using on of the new Age of Sigmar models.

I have a bunch of these Age of Sigmar models and I think they are fantastic. I am going to be spending some time converting the winged ones in Sanguinary guard at some point, but I have to psyche myself up for that! I have however purchased some more hobby item such as better clippers and a craft knife to aid this process.

Without further ado here is the Chaplain:

And the Sanguinary Priest:

I'm pleased with both of them and hope to get them undercoated fairly soon. The sanguinary priest is more important in general as it will be accompanying Dante and the converted Sanguinary guard to give FNP goodness to them.

In slightly annoying news I have actually finished painting my Death Company Storm Raven but I accidentally hit the "Delete All" button on my camera, thus abolishing all of the WIP pictures I had taken of it. Curses.

I will just take pictures of it fully complete with base now, but that only arrives this Wednesday so I will be keeping it in the bank till late this coming week in case I don't get much hobbying done.

Thanks for all the support as always,

Peace out



  1. I'm planning on doing some Sanguinary Guard from those Sigmarites, too, but they're on hold for the moment, while I turn to the dark side and work on my Daemonkin for a Tournament in October.

    1. I look forward to seeing how you do it! Once you clean that filthy blood from your tainted hands of course...

  2. Fantastic conversions. I love them both and look forward to the paint jobs!

    1. Thanks Greg! I'm a bit apprehensive about painting light armour on the priest but hopefully it'll be alright!

  3. That chaplain is epic! Its great how the original model was transformed to the chaplain with some well placed bits.

    1. Thanks Joe! It was funny how much the purity seals really pulled this one together, both by being instantly 40kizing but also hiding a lot of the sigmar specific markings.