Monday 24 August 2015

Completed Death Company x 5

Hi Readers,

Today I'm just going to show case you my recently completed 5 Death Company. These will actually receive a final highlight of administratum grey on the uppermost black points eventually, but I can't stomach any more grey highlighting right now so I plan on updating all my Death Company squads in one fell swoop after I've got another 5 done! 

That will leave me with 10 Death Company to paint and my Baal Predator to have my Death Company List completed. I still have plenty of Blood Angels to pain on top of that and also my Black Templars to complete as well, so I have a long long way to go and I'm sure I will buy bucket loads more in the mean time... Le sigh!


Thoughts always welcome!

Peace out,



  1. Great work Rob! Loving that glow on the back! Wow does that pop!

  2. Looks fab. Great job man. Can't wait to see a whole army shot of all these painted. Facing a full death company force across the table would be terrifying!

  3. Thanks guys! I'm hoping to make a serious push to have the remaining 15 death company painted up in the next couple of weeks so hopefully I can get a nice group shot of my completed Death Company army!

    That is until the other 20 I've ordered arrived so I can field 40 at once ;) oh yes....