Sunday 30 August 2015

Joining the 40K Addict - To Do List 2015/2016

Hi Readers,
As the big bold stamp above and the title of this post indicate, I am going to be joining 40K Addict, Dave Weston in his vowed To-Do list for the 2015-2016 season (I presume it runs from this sort of time either due to the British school calendar or possibly the British football season....). You can find details of this over at the amazing Confessions of a 40k addict Blog where Dave is currently constructing an immensely cool man cave in his garden. He is also on my blog roll so if you scout down there you should find his ramblings along with his incredible painting skills (Check out his tyranids!).

Essentially this is a vow in order to spur on productivity and also to shape the direction of my endeavours rather than just incessantly getting off track and doing random bits of projects such so that nothing actually gets finished (I've actually been pretty good with this since I started the blog thanks to my Narrative campaign with Stuart.)

So below is my to-do list for the year ahead!!!

Goals Before Blog Wars in November

1. Build 20 more Jump Death Company

2. Paint 35 Jump Death Company and 1 Death Company Drop pod

Goals Before the end of January 2016

1. Paint the remaining 20 neophytes for my Black Templars

2. Paint the 5 vanguard veterans for my Black Templars

3. Paint Grimaldus and his servitors

General Goals to complete at any time

1. Pick a new army to start that has synergy with my Blood Angels (probably space marine)

2. Buy and start painting said army (probably a mix of ebay rescue bids and new purchases)

3. Start converting mechanicum or Tau models out of all the bizarre models I have picked up with this in mind (includes evangelion figures and some warzone resurrection miniatures).

4. Attend 3 tournaments as opposed to the 2 I attend this year (would have been 3 if Fluffageddon had gone ahead!)

The last section of goals is obviously very open ended in many ways but I will expand upon them as I get to them with additional units added individually as they come, but quite hard to do when I haven't picked the army yet!!

Anyway, that's what I'm aiming for this season and some of it has already been started and I hope to share some with you in the coming week! I will apologise now, there will be a lot of Death Company pictures coming up (A LOT!).

For now, keep on hobbying.

Peace out,



  1. That's an impressive list. I look forward to your progress. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the hobby season!

  2. I have so many good memories of using Death Company squads back in 2nd Edition, they have such a great feel to them. I'm looking forward to seeing how you go with them; best wishes this year :-)

  3. Grimaldus and his Servitors, love those guys, can't wait to see them. Loads of bodies there to paint, makes my own list look a little anaemic ;) Good luck with it.

  4. I totally tried to do this list for Dave. I screwed up. I have no idea where my list is. My cat ate it I think.

  5. Thanks all! It should be a fun year ahead! And hopefully one full of games and new exciting rules (and very likely some 30k marines if rumours prove to be true!). Excited to see what all of you get up to as well :)