Wednesday 19 August 2015

Progress of Death Company

Hi readers,

A quick update today, I've just managed some progress on my death company. I thought I would get them done tonight but I always underestimate how long it takes to line highlight black. I mean my god that stuff never ends!

I also burnt my hand on the oven door like a damn fool which has hampered my painting somewhat... Tomorrow I should get the second half of my battle report from last week up for you guys to peruse, its got some cool pictures in it and it was on a really nice board as always so do please check it out :)

Pictures now!

Peace out,



  1. Very nice Rob. They look great. Are they on 30mm bases? I like

    I feel you on the line highlighting. When I first started my space wolves they were grey and all line highlighted. I got so pissed off with it and knew I would never have a fully painted army if I continued that I re-painted the full ten man unit to the current scheme. Very glad I did too :)

    1. Thanks Naff, all my blood angels are based on 30mm or 40mm for termies, i thin it really suits space marines better than 25mm bases.

      Haha I'm too deep now! I'm going to get this 5 and another 5 painted up fully then go over the 15 death company with a lighter highlight of grey on the top edges in one big go, like a plaster coming off :P