Wednesday 30 September 2015

Dark Angel Devastators with Converted Grav Cannons

Hello peoples,

Here's a quick shot of my Devastators with the converted Grav Cannons about their person. I ended up utilising the power lead from the plasma cannon to attach it to the back pack, though after I had fully committed to this it soon transpired to be a massive pain, as you may be able to tell from the dodgy cables. I am not a particularly skilled converter but I am not unhappy with the overall effect.

I also have something of a love hate relationship with magnets... As you can see the back pack and gun arms come all off in one piece. You'll also notice I used the sternguard body kit and legs for these guys. I thought it would look cool on Devastators and I think it really does. However it also actually gives me the option of using them as dark angel veterans if I want to provided I magnetise all the back pack and arm options, happy days!!

I still need to add the left shoulder pad to these guys but I'm still awaiting my order from wayland games, every time I order speciality items from them I swear its the last time I use them.

Thoughts always welcome and appreciated mes amis.

Peace out,



  1. They look awesome, I love them :-)

  2. These look cool. I'll look at this again if I ever decide I need Grav Cannons.

    At my local gaming club they were always referred to as Waylaid Games, because so many itmes got lost, delayed or just plain cancelled because they couldn't get stock that was supposed to be 'in stock' but actually were on order. Personally I only had minor issues with slight delays but I've never had any problems with Element Games and I hear a lot of people think Dark Sphere provide good service and discounts. Triple Helix are also quite good, it's always worth shopping around.

    1. Cheers Dave.

      I only ever order off them if its a speciality order that would otherwise involve ordering from several none UK firms. Triple Helix is my go to site for GW stuff or my FLGS which is great in bristol. Element games seems to do most of the things I order from so may have to just switch to them if they are good from now on.

  3. The Devs themselves look great. The Sarge, I think, would do better with one arm or the other replaced by a bent one. Both arms out straight like that isn't really a common position to be in.

    I totally agree with you on magnets. They're great once they're done, but getting them done is a real pain in the neck. I've actually started just using Blu-Tac poster adhesive on things where I can keep it hidden well enough, like the guns on my Storm Talons.

    1. Benefit of magnets, I can change them! Huzzah! Though I only positioned them as such so you could get a good look at him, if the combi-grav arm is dropped by his side its not too bad.

      I'm thinking of outfitting him with a power fist for looking cool shenanigans instead of the chain blade