Sunday 13 September 2015

Dark Angels Librarian - Fastest update I will ever do!

Hi Readers

Well. This is Awkward with a capital A. My last post was only about 3 hours ago so I feel like a bit of an attention seeker posting so soon after! But in my last post I showed you a little sneaky peek of my Dark Angels Librarian on my painting desk. I had planned to sit down watch some TV then go to bed. I then decided to do a final 15 minutes painting on the Librarian....

And I was so proud of my 3 hours of work that I had to chuck some pictures out to you. There will be more in the future as he has to have his base completed but I am seriously pleased with how this guy came, much more than I was expecting to be honest. He'll have to make his mark in a game now!

Peace out,



  1. Looking nice, dude! The OSL from his Force Sword came out really well!

    1. Thanks! I'm always scared of OSL when I think I'v painted a miniature really well, just mumbling "don't f&*k this up Rob" in my head over and over!

    2. Also, what do you think of the green cloth on the back? I tried to follow your advice from the sergeant and blend the warpstone glow into more natural areas and be less sharp. I'm going to repeat this process on the sergeant tonight or tomorrow.

    3. Rob. Try taking a shot with a greyish background, no flash, use a timer on the camera or phone (just prop it up) and create diffuse lighting (cover the lamp with a paper towel (temporarily) or bounce off a white wall/paper.

  2. The OSL is great! It's not attention seeking if you are posting quality stuff Rob!