Thursday 24 September 2015

Dark Angel Purchases and Arbitrary Milestone

Hi readers,

I've been a bit of a cheeky chap recently and splurged on all the things needed to build my entire Dark Angels force (mostly). I tell myself I'll buy these things when the other are complete but I can't help but habitually browse eBay when I have spare time at work and when you see a bargain you know you have to have it! I'm sure most readers of the blog can empathise with that.

So I recently purchased a Dark Angels Veterans Squad that was going for £16 inc. postage on eBay and these guys will be magnetised but their initial set up will probably be with grav guns and a standard to be the command squad. My previous veterans converted with axes and storm shields can either be a second command squad or just a basic veterans squad if need be, or I could just magnetise something else for them!

Secondly I bought some fixed bionic arms from Anvil Industry (the previous batch were multi part opposable ones - brilliant btw). In order to make the most use out of these I'm going to retcon my own fluff slightly. In the fluff I specified that during the "Rite of Unshackling" during induction to the secrets of the Dark Angels and the Black Hands Specific chapter secret, the aspirant veterans cut off their right arm. I'm now going to switch that to just an arm, so I can model both left and right bionics. Just cuts down on cost really!

Thirdly I also purchased a few pieces to convert 4 grav cannons out of, which I will detail in a next pose, but these parts only cost me £13 including postage, which compares to the £7-9 people are selling a single grav cannon for from the actual devastators kit!!

And finally, I picked up a Dark Angels Devastator squad which looks like it has utilised some of the Dark Angel Veteran parts as well 2 heavy bolters and 2 plasma cannons! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this, possibly it will just be pulled apart and used for spare parts. I'm certainly acquiring a nice pool of bits to work off. Hopefully in the next 6 months, both the Black Templar army and Blood Angel army will be fully painted up with all models done. I certainly don't have plans to buy any more which makes this a bit more realistic than when I have said it in the past when I was basically... lying!

I like to think that after this haul and the order from Wayland games (arrives any day now I hear....humph), I should be all bought up for my Dark Angels with the exception of a single biker which will come from Scibor, and this will complete my Librarius Conclave formation.

Hopefully I should have some of this stuff flying onto the blog ASAP for you lovely people to peruse and comment upon.

Arbitrary Milestone

Time for another arbitrary milestone in my blog. When I got my first couple of months views back I set myself the aim of 3000 views by Christmas. And some point last Sunday evening I hit 10K views and had 300 views in one day for the first time. I still find these things stupidly exciting! Hopefully you are not too sick of seeing me pop up on your blog feed or email or however you follow me! As I said not too long ago the blog is going to be a hive of activity as I put out more and hopefully better content, with more than a few jedi blog masters giving me words of wisdom along the way. Till next time.

Peace out,



  1. Happy Arbitrary Milestone day! Gets my approval, as does spending on stuff you don't need just yet. I've got enough figures for my Dark Angels to keep me busy [at my pace] for at least the next two years. It did not stop me purchasing £10 worth of bits to make a new set of Assault marines. You'll like this I got a set of 5 Sanguinary guard legs [for £2.99] because most of them have that quartered knee plate which will make them perfect for my 5th Company marines whose badge is quartered white, with a black and green diagonally opposite.

    1. That is certainly a bargain Dave! The legs are really dynamic as well.

      2 years worth! I shudder to think, but look forward to seeing it grace your fine blog good sir

    2. It'd probably be a few months for you seeing how quick you're getting through the Dark Angels, I just spend a huge amount of time second guessing what I'm doing and if I can get in an hour or two a week that's good going for me.

  2. Congratulations. I noticed that you have certainly been racking up the posts in the last few weeks, going through a hobby splurge at the moment?

    1. Thanks Corrm, I'm just giving myself more time for hobby these days. I've gone from working 60 hour 7 day weeks to a more normal routine that is more healthy as I hadn't really considered the impact that was having on my health. Hobby time has become pretty important for me I suppose. And I have this ludicrous idea of mixing it with the big boys like Mr Weston ;) I need to step up my game!

    2. I think we all have that idea when we start. I know I check on my stats several times a day to see how much traffic I am getting, where it is coming from and what they are reading- it's pretty exciting when you first start out and want to know if all your hard work is appreciated.

  3. Congrats, dude! Frankly, all milestones are more or less arbitrary, it's just whether we're the ones that pick them ourselves or not ;)