Sunday 6 September 2015

Updated Dark Angels test model and Death Company Completed

Hi readers!

Today is just an update on my projects and which ones I'm going to do next.

So after some feedback from loads of very helpful lovely people, I went over the warboss green highlight on my test model with warpstone glow, it still makes it pop but in less of a late 90's manchester hacienda clubbing way. I still have the option of taking that right back to the dark highlight but I wanted some more feedback on it first! (I apologise for the flash problems).

And here are three other marines that are just at the Abaddon black and then Warpstone Glow. Nice and Dark.

Death Company

Here are two batches of Death Company that are finished, really happy with them, but a little bit sick of them now!!

And here are a couple of shots of all the Death Company so far, again apologies for the poor lighting!

Anyway comments always appreciated :)

Peace out,



  1. The highlights on the Dark Angels are more subtle now, I like them. Your Death Company collection looks fantastic :-)

    1. Thanks Marc, I've actually toned it down even further, will get pictures up on wednesday along with 3 more guys nearly done. I'm glad you like the force so far! 25 more jump Death Company to go! I'm being distracted now though...

  2. Yeah, that's definitely looking better without the highlights standing out quite so much.

    The Death Company look very impressive en masse, as well!

    1. Thanks man! I've toned them down a little more and think they've got the right subtle "pop" to them, a horrible word but I always struggle getting that look to my models.

      More to come but I'm pleased with the force so far, going to use Dante for first time on Thursday so looking forward to it!