Tuesday 15 March 2016

Legio Cybernetica Army List - 1750 points

Hey peeples,

So, on the 2nd and 3rd of April I will participate in my second tournament of the year. Whilst the first was a relatively wee nipper at 750 points, with altered force org to boot, this is more the full flavour of things with around 50-75 participants expected and 1750 points of fun to play with!

This event is called Vanquish and is once again run by my local club, Bristol Vanguard. These guys are great at making events friendly, inviting, and they try very hard to keep themselves different from the mainstream tournament scene. This year, in the face of GW's boom in formations, supplements, expansions and all that, the Vanguard have stripped this event back to basics, which I personally love. 

What this means is that your army must be constructed using the standard CAD or an army specific detachment. This means NO formations at all. Additionally, no super heavies/gargantuan creatures are allowed for usage. Yes this has upset some players who can't bring their Knight armies, but I would wager that most of us have armies that we like to put together that don't include either of these. And the idea is, of course, to make you your games less likely to be a blood batch as an unkillable monster rampages through your lines. 

I have exaggerated here with a certain level of hyperbole, as I don't for a second think Lords of War of this scale should be pulled from the game, or that they are in fact a bad thing. However I like that this is an event where I can build my list not having to plan for 6+ HP beasts or Wraithknights, or indeed be up to date with every new formations that has come out and so be less likely to have the wool pulled over my eyes on new rules (by accident for the vast majority I might add).

With that said, this event gives you a great deal of freedom in other ways. Namely, by allowing 30k or all Forgeworld armies like Elysian Drop Troops to be brought, as well as all 40k approved Forgeworld units being allowed (as long as they don't contradict the other restrictions). 

With that foreword out of the way, here is the list I will be taking to this event, moulded very much by what I have available, but still a list I want to play and have enjoyed building. 


1 x Archmagos Dominus with Abeyant, Machinator Array, Cyber Familiar and Contagium Mechanicum

OK - this guy is a beast. T6 with 4 wounds, a 2+ save, a 3++ invulnerable and he can restore wounds to the Castellax or Thanatar. He also has IWND, Move through Cover, relentless and stubborn. On the charge he will have 3 x S4 AP3 attacks at initiative 3, then he will get 2 x S5 AP2, shred, armourbane attacks at I1. He is tough, survivable, and no slouch in combat. He will accompany one of the two castellax squads most likely, healing their wounds.


2 x Castellax with enhanced targeting array

Their AP3 mauler bolt cannons can take on light vehicles and mince marines as well as double out any T3 Eldar

2 x Castellax with Darkfire Cannons and enhanced targeting array

AP2 can kill Terminators in droves hitting on a 2+ and S7 lance will let you take on tanks with luck.

3 x Thallax with Melta Bombs

3 x Thallax with Melta Bombs

3 x Thallax with Melta Bombs

These guys have 1 shot S7 AP5 rending shred guns, but they are mobile and my only obsec units. Plus melta bombs will take down tanks!

Heavy Support

1 x Thanatar Siege Engine with enhanced targeting array

1 x Thanatar Siege Engine with enhanced targeting array

A twin-linked S6 AP3 3 shot gun on the arm and a Large blast, barrage, S8 AP2 48 inch range gun on the back that makes you re-roll cover saves. My goodness they will munch through blobs, medium tanks and elite units all the same. 

I am planning on buying a Knight Titan to go with these guys once I have moved and recouped my deposit from my current house OR 3 Imperial Bombards to run these as a massive Ordo Reductor force dropping 3 x 7" AP3 templates down a turn! I will be having a poll early April to help me decide!


Peace out,



  1. A little worried about your mobility, do you have any units that can move more than 6" a turn?
    Do you know the structure of the missions yet, you may suffer in maelstrom missions for some of the cards.

    1. Thallax are jump infantry and have deepstrike. Also they have 3 wounds so it's a durable unit

    2. Jump Infantry or Jet Pack? I thought they were Jet Pack. Still helps, but it's a bit different in practice.

    3. In my play testing I have used the Thallax as objective scorers, but I am certainly thin on the ground with ob sec units or even scoring units at all! Though the battle automata can deny scoring.

      Thallax are jet pack, so they are still very mobile with a minimum of 9 inches a turn, a max of 24 and an average of 17 inch move. Plus they are pretty hardy.

      Fortunately the tournament has 2 maelstrom games out of 5 total so I'm hoping to maximise my TP in the other 3 games :P

  2. Dude. That is a tiny Army. I may have to seriously look into Mechanicum, see if they're my answer to my transportation and time issues with Tournaments. Best of luck with it!

    1. Yes! It is the lightest KR case ever when its packed!! Its very refreshing as you can really take your time with deployment and moving etc without feeling like a time waster. I really enjoy the variability with how you can play this army and the army book (the red condensed one) is only about 35 pounds (so I guess 50 dollars?).