Thursday 17 March 2016

Packing: A Progression. By Rob Hill

I know I said I already packed my painting stuff in an earlier post but: Plot Twist! I lied, to both you and myself because I didn't want too do it...

So tonight I took progressive pictures of the mess that is my work area and how many boxes I needed to pack... Enjoy my hobby shame!

 To be packed...

Already full of models...

 To be filled with models..

Already full of models 

 Still to fucking sort

Already half gone from here... Thats a metal Daemon prince I've had for 3 years. In its box. Unopened. 

The floor... I think!? 

Not the size of baggie I normally deal with... 

Almost there... 

Turns out I have a desk....

So much Hobby Shame. Share your hobby shame, make me feel better please.

Peace out,



  1. Your perseverance is commendable. Ans your floor looks a lot like mine! Please tell me you threw those sprues out; or are we all waiting for the time when GW begins recycling?

    1. Hahaha they were thrown out with gusto! Pleased others live in the same state, and yes they really should.

  2. Mate believe me, the bigger the room the bigger the mess, my garage is a right tip at the moment!

    1. And then remarkably we have partners that put up with it!

  3. Your on. Hobby shame in-bound...

    1. Oh yes, I look forward to a post on your blog, I have some recollection of your garage issues in my head as I type...

  4. You have significantly more stuff than me and as such a bigger mess. I feel better now, thanks for that ;)