Tuesday 1 March 2016

Thallax - Progress on batch painting!

Afternoon True-believers!

So last night I had some spare time to make headway on batch painting my 30k mechanicus force in an attempt to have them ready in 1 month! That might sound like a stretch painting an army in 1 month but bear in mind there are less than 20 models in it... Plus I can skip out the weathering of all the models until afterwards if need be! I plan on painting them all up to the same standard as this chap:

Before I move on to adding any damage/weathering effects to them with sponge and brown! So I have 9 Thallax and 3 more Castellax built and i decided to crack on with the Thallax first. Last you saw these guys they were in this state:

And after last nights efforts I have no got them all up to the point of being washed and the first two layers of yellow highlights applied:

Its not immediately obvious because of the flash in the "before" photo but these guys are A LOT lighter now. They still however need a final highlight of screaming skull before I paint the mettalic areas with either leadbelcher or warp..something bronze. Those areas will then get a wash of nuln oil and a highlight, then the red glossy parts need a coat of Abaddon black before the blood for the blood god technical paint is applied to them.

After all that I will decide how I want to mark them ala hazard stripes or weather I will just paint a single shoulder pad black to differentiate them from the Castellax. Any thoughts on this will be much appreciated! Finally I need to repeat that with the arms which are sat still in resin at the moment!

Thats all for todays quick update!

Peace out,



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    1. Pumped up shadow boxing to rocky music... runs up stairs!!! Sits down hunched over painting for 8 hours.... :P

  2. Those are looking fantastic - good stuff, man!

    1. Thanks man, always a bit of a thrill to get a compliment off you :)