Friday, 4 March 2016

Review of 40k Addict Targets - 6 months


Its now approximately 6 months through the 40k addict season, so I thought I would go over my initial aims, assess how I've done against them and then update them with more!  You can find details of the whole 40k Addict To-Do list over at the amazing Confessions of a 40k addict Blog where Dave is currently spawning umpteen tyranids as well as painting up his first legion.

So to begin let us firstly have a look at what I set out to do about 6 months go...

Goals Before Blog Wars in November

1. Build 20 more Jump Death Company - COMPLETED

2. Paint 35 Jump Death Company and 1 Death Company Drop pod - FAILED

The building of the models was the easy part but I still had 11 left to paint by the time blog wars came around and I got severe burnout with all kinds of painting. I am only just now starting the final 6 Death Company. I'm not really disappointed though as I think this was a very ambitious goal.

Goals Before the end of January 2016 - ALL FAILED

1. Paint the remaining 20 neophytes for my Black Templars

2. Paint the 5 vanguard veterans for my Black Templars

3. Paint Grimaldus and his servitors

This failed because I took on several new armies and the Black Templars just weren't up to scratch anymore in terms of how well they were painted or how well the army was designed. On the plus side, the sale funded some of the other purchases as well as a council tax bill and the Grimaldus plus Retinue will now form a raffle prize at Nick Throwers Hero for a Day!

General Goals to complete at any time

1. Pick a new army to start that has synergy with my Blood Angels (probably space marine) - COMPLETED

2. Buy and start painting said army (probably a mix of ebay rescue bids and new purchases) - COMPLETED

These 2 goals have been fulfilled by my Dark Angels. I have a sizeable number of models built and around 1500 points painted if you include my Librarius Conclave formation, but there is still a lot to do!

3. Start converting mechanicum or Tau models out of all the bizarre models I have picked up with this in mind (includes evangelion figures and some warzone resurrection miniatures). - FAILED

My plan was to have a heavily converted army for mechanicum or Tau but I ended up getting a great 30k Mechanicum deal off eBay and so I have still started that army!

4. Attend 3 tournaments as opposed to the 2 I attend this year (would have been 3 if Fluffageddon had gone ahead!) - ONGOING

So far this year I have attended 1 Tournament which was the 750 point Vae Victus Tournament where I placed as most sporting opponent. I have another tournament coming up in less than a month and have plans to attend at least 3 more with a possible other 2 in the pipeline. I am very confident hat my attendance at tournaments this year will smash my goal of 3!

New Goals

OK so my goals over the first 6 months have been hit and miss, though some of that has been due to a change in circumstances rather than negligence (such as with selling my Templars). But I have strong army progression with my Dark Angels and other new armies have also sprung up, but I haven't neglected my golden oldies with the Death Company nearing completion. 

So with that in mind, here are my goals to be completed by the 30th of August, which was the date of my post marking my embarkation on this journey, along with how confident I feel at the end.

1. Finish the 6 final Death Company - Confident

2. Paint all my remaining blood angels = 1 drop pod, 5 Sanguinary Guard, 6 Vanguard Veterans, 10 Scouts, 1 Chaplain, 2 Librarians - Daunted

3. Paint all my Ravenwing = Dark Talon, Sammael, 3 Ravenwing Bikers - Confident

4. Build remaining models for Dark Angels that I own = 5 Deathwing, 3 squads of 5 tactical Marines, Company Command squad and 2 x Veteran Squads - Possible if Hard

4. Build the entirety of the Alpha Legion = 20 Veterans, 1 Fire Raptor, Finish the Leviathan + Drop pod, and a converted Autilon Skorr - Possible if hard

5. Build and Paint my 30k Mechanicum to a finished but not weathered standard = 4 Castellax, 9 Thallax, 2 converted Magos, 2 Thanatars - Confident

6. Attend Vanquish 2016, Hero for a Day, Double Trouble and Fluffageddon - Confident

7. Place in the top half of any tournament - Daunted

8. Place in the top 3 of a painting competition - Near Impossible

So there we have my hobby goals for the next 6 months! I don't think that seems all that much, but I have to manage my blog, articles for other blogs, going to tournaments, moving house, and real life around all of this. So I will be amazed if I get all of this done! The painting competition is one that I really truly want to succeed at but I know that at any given tournament the chance of only having 2 painters that are better than me is slim to none. Having said that I felt I was in with a chance at Vae Victus but I can't take too much from such a small field with one such obvious winner. 

Anyway, let me know what you think :)

Peace out,



  1. I like the to do list and for what i see you are nearest than me to finish it :)
    And i'm sure that you will complete also the number 7 of your new goal!

    1. Thanks Pablo, I appreciate the kind words :)

  2. This seems an insane amount completed and yet To Do, but everyone's lists are relative I know I'd be over the moon aboutwhat has been achieved in half a year already if it was me. "Umpteen Tyranids" - now thats funny ;) Then again I suppose the 44 currently in progress does qualify when I consider it...

    1. Well I also rate your painting higher than mine Dave, plus the effort and innovation you put into your custom fortification is outstanding. Your skyshield landing pad looks even better in person than it does on the screen, in particular the striated exposed muscular aspects.

      My mechanicum army is 16 figures so 44 definitely counts as umpteen ;)

  3. That's a long list for the time dude, plus you post regularly with fantastic content which takes up a lot of time. I think I shall join the Adicts list next year when my masters is over. Personally I tend to get painting when I have a deadline so I get the whole list thing



    1. Its been a really good motivator when I haven't had deadlines for games/tournaments to keep me going. Its also a nice reference list when I feel a bit rudderless about what to paint next. I look forward to seeing your list! What masters are you doing? Good luck in it regardless :)

  4. Making Tau out of Eva bits? Now that's a good idea.
    I know it could become a bit of a problem with setting goal times; one month is never enough but make it too long, and one might begin to slack off thinking to finish it later, which never happens. I know this has happened with me. Good luck at any rate, particularly in the tournaments!

    1. Its something I've wanted to do for a long time, check out Hobby Link Japan, you can pick up dirt cheap eva and gundam kits from them even including shipping!

  5. Good progress dude. That is a huge list to do. You are making great progress on it already :)

  6. Really nice rob. Good progress it seems! I should probably do that as well!

    1. Haha! I don't think you need any pointers from me on awesome hobby-ness!