Monday 4 April 2016

Happy Birthday to me! List of Entrants for the Big Birthday Giveaway this Evening

Good Morning fine people,

Today my blog is ONE YEAR OLD! I'm very chuffed to have got this far, and maintained the blog through some fairly turbulent bits of real life that have cropped up over the past year. So it will be my pleasure to give something back to all you lovely people who have followed and encouraged my hobby process thus far!

Tomorrow I will have a quick breakdown of the tournament I attended at the weekend, which was fantastic! I have some nice pictures from that and some good (if not winning) news too!

But for now I just wanted to put down the list of everyone that is going to in the draw for prizes in the Big Birthday Giveaway! I think I have everyone, but if you think you have been missed or that someone else has been missed, please stick a comment below so I know. The number next to your name will be the your raffle number essentially in the random number generator I will use this evening to pick people for prizes. 

  1. Pablo Daniele Mura
  2. Mordian 7th
  3. Андрей Шаронов
  4. Extreme Doc1
  5. Alun Heseltine
  6. Lightning Slayer
  7. Rory Priest
  8. Nick Thrower
  9. West Rider
  10. NafNaf
  11. Marc Van Holst
  12. Gun Grave
  13. The Mad Mek
  14. Siph Horridus
  15. Dwez (Dave Weston)
  16. Corrm (Mike)
  17. Stats
  18. Ogres Lair
  19. Wandering Wandering
  20. Frothing Muppet
  21. D Power
  22. Robert Locklan
  23. Spencer Cohen
  24. Dan Evans
  25. Watheverable Gramps
  26. Nathan Todd
  27. Aftershock Stands
  28. Tom Bisbee
  29. David Ashworth
  30. Carl Finch
  31. Sebastian MacCormick
  32. Luke Fogg
  33. Mark Grehan
  34. The Killing Cold
  35. Aidan Bakker
  36. Frothing Muppet
Tune in this evening for the give away! I'll be drawing 3rd place first followed by 2nd and 1st :) I'm hoping to video record the random number generator for extra excitement :P

Till then as always,

Peace out,



  1. Happy b-day to tour blog dude!

  2. Happy birthday, keep on blogging!

  3. Happy Blog-birthday! Given that your blog is ten days older than mine, I expect all future posts to start "well, in my day..........."

    1. Thanks Mike! I look forward to celebrating your blog birthday too! Soon... we will rule the world! Am I pinky or the brain though....

  4. Congrats, massive amount of content in such a short time. I wish I had the time to put out this much. Fair play keep blogging!

    1. Thanks Doc! I'm glad you are enjoying my brain splurging :P

  5. Happy Birthday! Many more to come, I bet :o)

    1. Cheers Marc! Its a hell of a lot easier with good support :)

  6. Excellent stuff, happy blog-day!

    1. Thanks Nick! Looking forward to HfaD now, need to make more roads on 40k stuff for that!

  7. Happy birthday! Here's to another year of blogging- and yellow mechanicum!

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks Dude! I don't know if you watched the video in the prize giving you get a shout out :)