Saturday 23 April 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Krios Battle Tank Squadron

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So today I am going to run through Krios Battle Tank Squadrons for Taghmata Omnissiah armies (as well as Ordo Reductor and Legio Cybernetica armies). These are some very cool looking tanks that come in two flavours; the regular Krios Battle Tank and the Krios Venator.

Unit Stats

Both Krios flavours come with exactly the same base stats with the following profile:

BS  Front   Side   Rear   HP
 4      13        12      10    13

So marine standard BS with a predator tank level of front and side armour. However that AV10 does leave you very vulnerable to both assault and rear shots. This tank is also a fast vehicle so you have a bit of extended range on your weapon giving you more viable targets essentially. 

Overview - A decent stat line to be sure, but for 125 points base cost you'll want something nice to go with it!

Special Rules

The Krios Chassis comes with one special rule as standard, The Galvanic Traction Engine.

The Galvanic Traction Engine - This lets the Krios chassis to re-roll failed dangerous terrain tests. This is a mandatory re-roll so no strategic immobilising of one tank in a squadron to allow the other tank to leave and shoot at separate targets.


The Krios Battle Tank is the standard load out, with the Venator option an upgrade. As standard you come with the following:

Lightning Cannon - 48", S7, AP3, Rending, Shred, Large Blast, Heavy 1.

This is your standard marine killer, land this on a blob of 20 marines and you should take out most of the ones that you hit. It also has the option of taking on 2+ saves with rending though not something I would really rely on.

Flare Shield - Minus 1 strength to incoming ranged attacks giving you effectively AV14 on the front. This is -2 to blast and template weapon strength as well. Though remember this doesn't effect attacks in close combat.

Blessed Autosimulcra - On a roll of a 6 you can restore a HP at the end of your turn, IWND light basically.

You also come with a searchlight as standard.

Overview - the standard loadout of the Krios is a pretty strong frame with a gun to end marines. You've got very strong forward facing armour but a weak rear to protect.


So the major option with the Krios is to upgrade it to a Venator by replacing the Lightning Gun with a Pulsar Phusil.

Pulsar-Phusil - 36", S9, AP2, Pinning, Ordnance 4.

FOUR shots at S9, AP2. This should rinse through any tanks apart from AV14 beasts like the Spartan, but even then you stand a good chance of ruining its day unless it comes with a Flare shield. But even then any 2+ save models should beware, especially if they have multiple wounds as you will insta-gibb them.

As far as other options go you have a mixture of offensive and defensive:

Volkite Sentinels: You can take up to two of these and they are independently targeting, pintle mounted Volkite Chargers (15", S5, AP5, Assault 2 Deflagrate). DO NOT take these on the Venator, its ordnance weapon will force these to be snapshots.

Anarbic Claw: Can be activated any time you are assaulted or rammed, but only once per turn. This then automatically strikes all units within 1". This includes friendly units! D6 hits are inflicted per unit at S5, AP4, RENDING. This is a 15 point upgrade that gives you a pretty excellent defence potentially against assaulting units. I recommend.

Hunter Killer Missiles: As standard.

Extra Armour: As standard.

Smoke Launchers: As standard.


Obviously the Krios Battle Tank Standard with its Lightning cannon is set to take on any unit of 3+ save models. Additionally it'll do a pretty good job against any lightly armoured vehicles. However I wouldn't bother too much with any jinking units. You'd be better served with the Barrage weapons of the Thanatar as it forces re-rolls on successful cover saves.

The Venator is just a brute that costs a fair few extra points (25) but adds much needed anti-tank at range if that is something you are lacking. It also doubles well at taking out 2+ save units. On average you will hit 2-3 times and unless you are hot on rolling 1's they should kill barring invulnerable saves.

In terms of additional equipment I really rate the Anarbic Claw for some form of defence against assault. It may be enough to stop your destruction but hopefully you can take at least some of that unit with you, especially if they blow you up as well!

The Volkite sentinels are cool, but they only work on the Lightning Cannon build and that has a range of 48". So you're only going to be challenged by units that are deep in your lines. I would be wary of taking them as they add a lot to the price over the basic. If you are taking the Lightning Cannon variety then I would add the Anarbic claw for a 140 point model of awesome.

The Venator will cost you 165 with the Claw and I would again leave it at that.

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  1. I ran a trio of Krios Venators for a few games and they were just death on tracks. Absolutely flattened everything they pointed at, and my opponent quickly learned to destroy them as quickly as possible! A bit of a fiddly model to assemble and paint, definitely warrants being painted in subsections then assembled - made the mistake of building mine up completely and certain areas ended up being virtually inaccessible to a brush. :/

    1. I've heard similar tales of horror! I look forward to inflicting it ;)

      Yes, I have definitely felt the benefit for painting it in separate pieces, much easier!

  2. 13 Hull Points for 125 Points! Wow! ;)

    Typos aside, these things look scary. Compared to Predator loadouts in the same ballpark price-wise, that's a pretty impressive Tank.

    1. Damn typo! I have it on good authority from Mordian 7th that these things wreck face, I'm looking forward to using them a lot!