Tuesday 30 August 2016

40k Addict Season - To-Do list

Hi Gang,

Like all the other 40k Addicts out there putting their impressive to-do lists up I thought I should do the same! This will mostly be a 30k list with one big 40k project thrown in at the deep end...


The mechanicum are actually very close to be doing done so over the next year I plan to:

- Finish converting and paint a Knight Paladin
- Convert an Arlatax and paint
- Build and Paint a Calix Thanatar

Not that much to do and I'm confident to get it done!

Solar Auxilia

Much more to do here, but mostly tanks!

- Buy and Paint 10 more Volkite Veletaris
- Build and Paint Command Squad
- Paint Legate Commander
- Paint 3 x Dracosan
- Paint 1 x Malcador Infernus
- Paint 1 x Macharius Omega
- Paint 1 x Stormsword(?) The big plasma baneblade...

So lots of big tanks that will take a loooong time to paint due to my chosen scheme but I'm quietly confident of getting this done in the next year.

Imperial Militia

A lot more to do here and plenty of infantry!

- Convert and paint 2 x walking land raider proteus'
- Paint 15 sniper models
- Build and paint 40 infantry
- Build and Paint 4 medusa siege carriage guns
- Buy and convert a walking baneblade

These guys are the Raging Hero models and I expect them to be a lot more work building and converting so these guys are fairly low down the possible list...


A recent impulse purchase because I've always liked them and they were so cheap!!

- Build and paint 3 x 5 man troupes
- Build and Paint 3 x Death Jesters
- Build and Paint 3 x Shadowseers
- Build and Paint 1 x Solitaire
- Build and Paint 4 x skyweavers
- Build and Paint 3 x Starweavers
- Build and Paint 1 x Voidweaver

Ok so this makes up a whole 1750 formation of Cegorach's Revenge. 1750 is the local tournament points value so its intended for that as fun. Because they were so cheap I feel freed from having to get my money's worth as it were, so I'm actually going to be painting these guys highly stylised and I hope to have the first models with that scheme up in the next few weeks. 

Assorted Goals

Just one goal under here this year. Terrain!!! 

My goal is to make some nice and storable terrain that I can play with at my house. It also has to compact down very small so that I can fit it into storage if I successfully make the jaunt across to the states!

So hopefully I'll have a few odd terrain projects thrown in for good measure :)

Peace out,



  1. Great goals! You can do it Rob!

    1. Thanks Greg! It always a lot easier with guys who comment like you!

  2. Harlies? Awesome, def looking forward to those.

    That is a pretty heavy to do list there, but seeing the amount of stuff you have done this year I have faith you will smash it!

    Moving to the states? For a job or just change of scene?

    1. They will be a very abstract style compared to your beauties!

      States is for a job, but it is contingent on my finishing my PhD in a set time so goodbye life!

      Thanks for the encouraging words as always Naf :)