Friday 12 August 2016

Converted Auxilia Leman Russ and Other Progress

Hey gang,

So I've been having a building break from painting, though I have been putting the easy layers on the next Solar Auxilia on the painting block as well. If you recall the blast from the past I posted last week:

I have now ripped apart and re-purposed this tank to look a bit more 30k-ish! Using some treads from and various bits and bobs from my bits box, this guy now looks like this:

As you can see I fiddled a magnetised demolisher cannon to, still needs a  little work before spraying though. And here is the rest of my efforts in past few days, this is the silver after two washes of carrebourg crimson.

I've got a weekend at home dog sitting for my boss (and praying it does't eat some plastic and die) so I'll probably set up shop painting in the living room and try to get those 5 guys and all the arms painted. Hopefully an update on that this weekend!

Peace out,



  1. Thanks for the comparison shot Rob. It's awesome how just the treads make so much difference!

    1. The only problem is trying to make another one!