Wednesday 24 August 2016

Alternative Death Watch Parts - Anvil Industry

Hi Gang,

With the dawn of a new age and the release of the deathwatch I thought I would ring the bell for one of the smaller independent companies out there - Anvil Industry. 

These guys have always been brilliant for conversion pieces for space marines but that becomes even more so when you consider Deathwatch and the aesthetic of being a specialised Xenos Kill team. Below are some highlights from their range that I think fit perfectly (and in the frag launchers case deliberately) into a Deathwatch setting:

Heavy Weapons

Everyone loves to splash gore around right!? Well now you can spread death and destruction to the Xenos foes with these bad boys!

Yes this does seem a convenient time to release this, but for the price and how cool it looks its an easy way to equip your whole veteran squad with frag launchers and destroy EVERYTHING!

Or you could go full terminator with the mini gun! A great stand in for a heavy bolter or assault cannon if you ever need one!

Because chain feeds makes your weapon shoot more accurately, got it!?

Small Arms Fire

Sometimes when it comes down to it, a single well placed round will do the job of an army:

For when you really want that extended magazine look....

Or for when it just HAS to be a curved magazine!

What you don't hear coming can't hurt you right....Right!?

1 to the head and 2 to stay dead!

Close Combat Weapons

Look into the whites.. err greens? Yellows? Many possible colours of their eyes as they die!

Well well well, I wonder what this kind of glaive could stand in for?

I love this mace and you could easily pass it off as a massive hammer such as can be selected in Deathwatch!

Speaking of double handed hammers!

Finally when having a big weapon just isn't enough and you need to stick a gun on it ;)


As you can see, Anvil have a lot of your Deathwatch weapons covered if you want to personalise your army or aren't willing to pay through the noise from bits sites for special weapons! Go check them out by clicking on the weapon titles which are links :)

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  1. Those are pretty sweet. The temptation to start a Deathwatch army is growing stronger and stronger!

    1. I never for a second thought you weren't going to get a deathwatch army ;)

    2. That's the problem with buying a Codex to review on the blog. I get tempted too easily!

  2. The Frag Cannon stand-in in particular fills a huge gap in what's easily available from GW. The Frag Cannon is one of the best things the DW have going, and it's very expensive to get in multiples.

    1. They are cool looking as well, always dug them on my furioso dreadnoughts.