Monday 1 August 2016

Hero For a Day and Warhammer World Trip!

Hey gang,

Quiet blogging from me recently, just been busy with reality, but mostly doing fun things though! Today I wanted to just stick up a reminder of an event being run by Nick from The Burning Eye. This is an event called Hero For A Day and its a 24 hour 40k event which Nick has put a huge amount of effort into with lots of fluff and multiple campaign outcomes designed. He's even got some voice acting on board for real fluff!

The event has two sides (attackers and defenders) and each round of gaming progresses the story. Its not a tournament but a wonderful narrative event. The aim of this event is to raise money for the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia group, if you follow the link above you'll find the home page on Nick's blog for Hero for a day and it will give you all the motivation for the event. 

But REALLY how often do you get the chance to play 40k for 24 hours!!? There are still spaces left so if you fancy attending please whizz on over to The Burning Eye and have a look and then contact Nick. This is going to be a fantastic (if slightly sweaty!) event plus I'll be there :P what more do you need!

More you say!? Well, Nick has also organised a raffle with people being incredibly generous with their donations, you can find a list of the donations through this link, ranging from single figures all the way up to deathwatch overkill and even my painted Cerastus Knight Castigator! You can buy raffle tickets even if you can't attend!

Or if you feel like being even bigger awesome peoples then you can donate to the charity the event is supporting through this link here. It is a fantastic charity that supports parents in what must be a nightmare scenario when your child is diagnosed with cancer. The charity has done many magnificent things and will continue to do so. So even if you can only spare £1 or £100 please donate as it all counts :)

Warhammer World

I will be spending wednesday in warhammer world with some club buddies playing a 5000 points a side double match of 30k! Hopefully I'll be able to grab some pictures as I know that Sam Perkins who is coming is an amazing painter with beautiful armies! Plus I should hopefully have some more solar auxilia painted to dazzle you with :P

If you fancy coming to say hi then do :)

Peace out,



  1. Thanks Rob!

    I'm about to start a last enthusiastic push for attendees myself as the event is two weeks on Friday, and we still have 10 tickets available!

    1. No worries mate, I've been hoarding sponsorship money to dump into the just giving page in one splash :)