Saturday 17 October 2015

Blog Wars X - The List

Quoth the Raven,,, Nevermore.

So Blog War X: This time its Numeral, is just around the corner on the 7th of November, but the list for the army has to be submitted by the 24th October. I really really wanted to take four 10 man squads of Death Company, but the monotony of painting so many similar models and the distraction that my new Dark Angels have presented has derailed that effort completely. 

Instead I have settled for a list that still requires me to paint some more Death Company, but only 6 which makes this completely do-able. I also have to paint my Sanguinary Priest Conversion to take as my HQ as I won't be taking Astorath in this list incarnation. This meant I had to take a special character as this is required for Blog Wars, so I have taken Lemartes instead. This was a choice more guided by the fact that I think Lemartes is one of my best painted character models and I like to think he might do well in the best special painted character category, not in the sense that I think he has any chance of a win but a little recognition would be lovely :)

Anyway, at the risk of giving away all my secrets, without further ado, here is my list for Blog Wars X:

This List is done using a Baal Strike force detachment, so I have no Objective secured units but everything hits at initiative 5 on the charge.

HQ - Sanguinary Priest with Jump Pack, Veritas Vitae and Valour's Edge (I actually have to check Alex's ruling on taking two relics... Valour's Edge will get the boot if it isn't allowed)

Elites - 2 x units of 13 Death Company. 2 x power fist, 2 x thunder hammer, 2 x power sword, 2 x hand flamer, 2 x infernus pistol, 4 x bolters, 5 x bolt pistol and 7 x chainsword.

Elites - Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost

Troops - Cassor the Damned

Troops - Raphen's Death Company

Fast Attack - Drop pod with Deathwind Missile Launcher

Heavy Support - Storm Raven Gun Ship with Twin linked lascannon, Typhoon missile launcher, 4 x stormstrike missiles, searchlight and extra armour. 

This list relies heavily on the synergy of Blood Angels Special rules. All the Death Company will hit at initiative 5 and strength 5 at least on the charge, thanks to the detachment special rule and furious charge. One squad will have zealot thanks to Lemartes so re-roll first round combat to-hit rolls. One squad will have WS5 thanks to the sanguinary priest and his blood chalice.

In addition the Sanguinary priest will have TWO warlord traits from the strategic table thanks to the veritas vitae and if he is also allowed Valour's Edge he will have an Initiative 5, Strength 5 AP2 power sword on the charge. 

Cassor will drop pod in and melta something then blenderise whatever he punches in combat, ignoring cover and re-rolling charges against vehicles thanks to the magna grapple. The drop pod will lay some covering fire and the Storm Raven has the single job of taking out enemy flyers if present or just providing air to ground support if not.

Its not a massively strong list with plenty of weaknesses so I will be happy to win 1 out of 3 games on the day and avoid a wooden spoon :) (though I hear it is limited edition :p)

Anyway, thoughts are welcome, though I don't have the time or will to change the list now, but it doesn't hurt for my reference :)

Peace out,



  1. For what you're looking to do, I think that'll do just fine. As I think I mentioned when you were talking about DC Army Builds before, I feel like the hitting power is a bit too concentrated here for my taste, but you do have tools that can handle pretty much anything, it's just a matter of managing them so you don't get overwhelmed and slowly chipped down by Opponents with more Units than you.

    1. Yeah I totally agree, I would much rather have the four units of 10, but I got distracted by the Dark Angels and put off by repetitive painting of death company... I've switched my batch painting down to 3's though and that seems to have reinvigorated me so hopefully I can get the final 14 Death Company painted before the years end! I think luck of the draw will have big impact on my capacity to win games here!

  2. No astorath? Boooooo! My favourite model!

  3. Always good to see a nice thematic list for Blog Wars. That's why I like it, you get people trying lists like this cause it looks good on the table.
    Looks like an interesting army, would love to give it a game at some point.

  4. I was originally going to bring my Blood Angels to BWX (bringing Skitarii again due to not painting fast enough) and I was going to attempt a Death Company force very similar to this. Expect me knocking around to see how you get on haha!

    1. I will keep an eye out for your cybernetically enhanced men and say hi also! I've changed the list up a little bit which I'll have up in the next couple of days but same number of dudes in black coming!

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