Thursday 15 October 2015

Narrative campaign - An apology and a conclusion!

Hi readers,

So I have an apology concerning the conclusion of my narrative campaign to make. Whilst organising the pictures on my camera I decided to cut all the ones that had already been uploaded to the blog to free space on memory card. And because I had been putting off going through the battle reports pictures I forgot they were on there... and yeah, I deleted them all by accident. 

So sadly, I cannot give you any pictures of the glorious event, where at one point some 120 miniatures were on the table with the orks out in full force facing off against the blood angels and their remaining Black Templar cousins to save the planet in its direst hour.

So below I will just run down a few highlights and then tell you who won...

For the Blood Angels:

Commander Dante - He cut down EVERYONE that he came across. He was surrounded by 15 Death Company and Astorath the Grim and he just murdered meganobz left right and centre.

Furioso Dreadnought - He came down in a pod turn one, torched 20 boyz before despatching 3/4 killer kans in style taking only one hull point in damage the entire game.

The Death Company - Charged by about 40 boys after being shot up and they still pasted them in combat, also made a 9 inch charge on the first turn and smashed the big battlewagon to pieces. On the charge themselves they were disgustingly brutal, even the norml attacks at 5 a pop were lethal to a man. They were eventually wiped out, but did their job in style.

Cassor the Damned - See below

For the Orks:

Big Mek - On the final turn of the game he powered up to shoot cassor the damned, rolled a double and flunk HIMSELF across the battlefield to enter close combat with Cassor, who shrugged and uly cut him in half.


You will notice the Orks roll of honour is considerable shorter, and that is because they were slaughtered, with only a single unit of grots remaining at the close of turn 4. The Black Templars did well to hold their ground on the right while the blood angels just swept all before them on the left, sweeping around to flank the ork forces and mulch them into green gore.

Stuart was very unlucky with several of his rolls, and I did spectacularly well with my 3+/5+ feel no pain saves on my death company. Though to be fair I had rolled superbly below average for the rest of our games on the 3+ front so it had just come around this game. 

The game took about 5-6 hours total from beginning of set up to finished packing away and it was a fantastically good time. It re-affirmed the fact that death company will make a destructive force in their own right and highlights how fun these battles can be as even though the Orks died in droves, Stuart seemed to be having a ball as well.

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to show you, but also hope you enjoyed reading the conclusion to this arc of games.

Peace out,



  1. Bummer about the pics, but I am glad to hear the Armies of the Imperium stepped up and pulled it out at the last minute. They were kinda on the ropes there for a while :)

    1. Haha yeah I was definitely not doing well for most of the campaign! But even with all the handicaps in this last game I pulled it out! I think being in such a bigger points game allowed me to field all my power units at one which just made them super hard to deal with. But we had an absolute blast playing it! IT started at 5 and we left at midnight though...