Sunday 4 October 2015

Re-basing Dark Angels onto 32mm

Hi reader,

So although my Dark Angel bulk purchase was a great deal, they did all come on 25mm bases so after painting each batch I will be converting them all onto 32mm bases. Incidentally I feel GW is selling them quite cheaply compared to their other base sets at £3 for 10, is that just me being naive though? Anyway its a price I'm happy to pay, its a shame I was so far into my Black Templars when they introduced the new size as marines look soooo much better on bigger bases, fits their larger aesthetic very well. 

So I've re-based my first tactical squad, and man were these guys glued on to their old bases well! I hope its not the same for all of them... Here's some before on a 32mm without basing and some after shots when all done:

The force is growing at pace and I am very excited to get playing with at soon as possible, even as just an allied detachment with my Blood Angels so I can get the feel for them as a force beyond theory-crafting and my (dubious) tactica article.

Peace out,



  1. When I was rebasing all my Flesh Hounds on 50mm Bases, I just clipped away the rim of the old base and glued the whole thing down flat on top of the 50. Went way better than trying to rip them off of the 40s would have.

    I'm really considering picking up one (or maybe even more, given DA+SW+Crimson Thunder) of their 100 packs. Debating between that and getting some of the expanders that are out there.

    1. I have never thought of that and its a brilliant idea! Sadly the marines from Dark Vengeance are slotta marines so they've got the central column problem. But I think all the other mini's I need to re-base are just regular stick on tops. Good shout my man :)

      I've tried a couple of expanders and there are a lot which just look awful, I got one of the resin cast ones that look like they would form a new bevel perfectly and they were off by some way and quite fiddly to get to fit. If you are doing a shit tonne of models I reckon brand new full bases will be smoother and better looking in the long run.

    2. I might get some expanders for the Metal models or other ones that need the central slot, and then just re-base for the rest. Expanders are a little cheaper, but I think re-basing would be less work in some ways, and look better. And yeah, I've got a shitload of them. What I mentioned above doesn't even include my Chaos Marines. I don't even know how many of those there are, but it's at least a couple hundred.