Monday 26 October 2015

Warpath from Mantic games

How do,

So I recently supported the Mantic Games kickstarter with a basic $75 pledge, though I may well add on more funds depending. This seems like a fantastic deal, with the $75 pledge affording me access to either a two army starter set or a single larger army, amongst many other options.

The initial premise of backing the game was just because the models look quite cool really, and their is a guard equivalent looking army that I may well pick up to use as an inquisitorial task force.

My questions to you fine folks is, have you played warpath and would you recommend it? As a secondary questions have you seen any good blogs or pictures that show Warpath to 40k conversions? I've done a low sweep of the intertubes and google but have thus far not turned up anything substantial. 

I'm also sort of considering their rat race as counts as orks because I dig the whole skaven aesthetic. I haven't in any way finalised what I want to get from this pledge and I can still manage what I'm getting for some time so suggestions and thoughts from you guys are most welcome :)

Peace out.


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