Saturday 24 October 2015

Final 6 Death Company for Blog Wars X - WIP

Good day to thee,

Having evaluated the time I have left till Blog Wars X and the time I will actually be free to paint, I have settled with myself that I won't be getting another 20 Death Company built in time to run four 10 man squads. As I illustrated when I posted up my list earlier this week, I will have two 13 man squads that have more upgrades in terms of weapons and I will also be taking the Storm Raven as some air support. I believe this list to be weaker and has more of a chance of just being tabled, but it should hopefully still do OK if I use it wisely.

Anyway, as it stands I still need to paint up 6 more Death Company to take this list, so here is the beginnings of those 6 guys.

I also need to paint up a Sanguinary Priest to take as my HQ, so I should have a post with him in coming up shortly.

Peace out,


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